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As someone who has owned nearly every animal, I know that with animals, comes questions. LLAP, or Live Long and Pawspurr was created to help answer the questions of everyday people.

Not only do I aim to answer all your questions, I aim to entertain. Learning about your pet should not be scary! I help take the stress out of pet ownership and give you back your power!

So let’s help you spend less time stressing about your pet and more time playing with them!


Our focus.

Our focus is on you AND your pets!
Cat Breeds

Learn about the different cat breeds to help you find your perfect pet!

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Cat Adoption

Learn the ins and out of adopting a new kitten

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Cat Behavior

Learn the answers to questions about your cats behavior

Cats 101

If you don't know what you're looking for, check out all about cats!


Live Long and Pawspurr

We understand your needs and fears your have with owning a pet


We promise to give you informative information that will help you be the best pet owners possible.



Researching about your pet doesn’t have to be stressful and scary. Let us put some laughter back into understanding your pet. It makes it more fun for us…and for you!



There are some thing that are not all sunshines and rainbows in owning a pet. We promise to be authentic with you through the postives and the negatives.



No, your pet cannot search the site themselves. But we do everything with YOUR pets in mind. Between product reviews or answering your questions, pets are the name of our game.

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