Pixie Bob Cats : The Complete Guide

All About Pixie Bob Cats Continuing on with the cat breed series, let’s dive into some more unique cat breeds. Today’s being Pixie Bob Cats. This is a cat that I am sure you have seen in passing. This domestic breed looks unique and has a personality to match! What is a Pixie Bob Cat? A Pixie-Bob is a domestic cat breed that looks very similar to the well-known bobcat.… Read More »Pixie Bob Cats : The Complete Guide

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me? Cats are known for being one of the more sleep pets. People actually joke that cats mostly sleep and eat which makes the one of the easiest pet. And there is no better feeling than when your little fur-baby goes down for a cat nap ON YOU! Of course, you are forced to stay where you are so you won’t wake the cutie.… Read More »Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

Should I Use Cat Diapers?

Should I Use Cat Diapers? Cat Diapers are a great product that has many amazing uses for kittens and cats a lot. These are best suited for cats that has issues with Incontinence. Incontinence is a fairly common problem among sick and elderly cats. Unfortunately, it often results in frequent clean-ups for you, and significant discomfort for your pet.  However, there are solutions—one of the best being cat diapers. Cat… Read More »Should I Use Cat Diapers?

Can Cats Eat Cherries?

Can Cats Eat Cherries? Cherries are my favorite snack food! When I am stressed out, the only thing that I really crave to stress eat are candy corn and cherries. I don’t know why.   When I was eating my normal cherries, my kittens starting smelling around interested in the cherries which led my now husband to ask…Can I give the cats some cherries?!   Which leads into today’s fun… Read More »Can Cats Eat Cherries?