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What Age Does A Cat Start Shedding?

What Age Does A Cat Start Shedding? When it comes to cats, one of the most common concerns for new cat owners is how much they will shed. Cat shedding is a common nuisance for pet owners, but it is perfectly healthy for a cat to shed his or her hair. However, the amount of shedding depends on a number of factors and differs for every cat. Luckily, kittens start… Read More »What Age Does A Cat Start Shedding?

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter Introduction Cats are curious by nature and they are difficult to monitor at all times. So they could get into something you don’t want them to. What if they accidentally eat something they aren’t supposed to? Today, we will look at the safety and value of peanut butter to cats. Peanut butter is a good treat for dogs. And many cat owners might be asking… Read More »Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

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Why Does My Kitten Suck on Blankets?

Why Does My Kitten Suck on Blankets? Do you ever look down at your adorable little kitten and see them making biscuits? And then you look down and see them sucking on blankets? It can be a confusing moment when you see your kitten sucking on a blanket. Especially If there is not extra food on that blanket. If you are concerned about your kitten suckling on your blanket, fear… Read More »Why Does My Kitten Suck on Blankets?

How Much Do Kittens Sleep?

How Much Do Kitten Sleep? When you think of kittens, one thing that you don’t tend to think about are sleepy kittens. Kittens have a well-deserved reputation of being curious, fluffy balls of energy. But after the excitement of coming home with a new little fluff ball, you may be surprised by how much your kitten actually sleeps. Cats of all ages are known to enjoy their snoozing time, but… Read More »How Much Do Kittens Sleep?

Is My Kitten Teething?

Is My Kitten Teething? If you have rescued a newborn kitten, or if you have recently adopted a kitten, you may take a peak inside their mouths and see that they don’t really have many teeth in there! Or when they try and “bite” you, it feels a little gummy. But as kitten starts to get older, you may sense them starting to bite you more, or even maybe starting… Read More »Is My Kitten Teething?