All About Serval Cats

Introduction Continuing on with our cat breeds is one that I found extremely interesting! That breed is Serval Cats!  This was a cat that was requested by a reader because they were debating getting one. So, I am mixing it up a little bit today. I will still mention the history and lifespan of this breed, but I also wanted to dive a little bit deeper into topics that I… Read More »All About Serval Cats


All About Calico Cats

  Introduction Calico cats are an interesting cat that seem to lead to a lot of misunderstandings about them. I wanted to talk about the myths that a lot of people seem to have about calico cats and then debunk them. I also want to share some fun facts about calico cats that many of you may not know. In fact, there were a large number of things that came… Read More »All About Calico Cats

Why Do Cats Lick?

Introduction Why Do Cats Lick? This is a question that I get asked a lot. Cats are known for being clean animals, but not nearly as affectionate as dogs. Dogs lick you as a way to show their love and affection for you. Basically, a way to give you kisses. But cats aren’t always know for that. Yet, we will still see instances where a cat is licking themselves, licking… Read More »Why Do Cats Lick?

What Colors Can Cats See?

Introduction When it comes to cats, there are a lot of myths that seems to circulate about them. That’s were I come in. My goal is to find these myths that many people still seem to believe and find out of they are true or not. Kind of like a myth buster of cats. Today’s myth, let’s talk about what colors cats see. I have started debunking some myths like,… Read More »What Colors Can Cats See?