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11 Things Only Cat Owners Understand

    11 Things Only Cat Owners Understand

    For people who don’t own cats, sometimes our feline friends can get a bad rap.

    Kitties have many characteristics that we all know and (mostly) love: They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they’re incredibly judgmental, just like most of our friends, right?!

    But there is something different that happens when you actually own a cat. Some things you start to learn, understand, and feel deeply in your soul.

     Some of those things are totally gush-worthy and some of those things are totally disgusting. Together, these things make up the joy that is cat ownership. (Just like the joys of parenting but with cats…get it. hahah)

    So let’s talk about some things you only truly understand if you are a cat owner.

    You’re Never Not Covered in Cat Hair

    It is really not even a try to keep your clothes free of cat hair.

    The amount of appointments I have put on a new pair of pants only to get to the appointment to FIND cat hair somewhere on the pants.

    After so many attempts at lint rolling, purchasing special vacuum attachments and avoiding dark-colored clothing, you just stopped caring.

    I guuess I’d rather have cat hair on my clothes than not having cats in my home.

    And, anyway, when your clothes are covered in your cat’s hair, it’s kind of like taking your kitty with you wherever you go, which is kind of sweet … right? 

    You Stopped Putting Any Item on Any Surface

    It took too many times of us searching the floor for our jewelry to realize that flat surfaces are not a place to put important items.

    Cat owners know that your cat will potentially try and knock anything off any surface. Especially if they see that it bugs you.

    In some cats, we’ve learned ignoring their banter has helped them stop messing with the items. Other times, they just do it for their own entertainment.

    But it keeps the home clean right?! Rarely do we have a messy counter. (Even if we don’t clean ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    You’re Unfazed by Cat Butt in Your Face

    With the world working at home now, you have no idea the number of meetings where a cat walks into the camera…and pauses with their butts right in the camera.

    It’s gotten to the point where the meeting does not even stop. We all just keep going.

    There’s no other way to say it: Cat owners get up close and personal with their cats’ butts often.

    If case you didn’t know,  it’s actually a good thing if your cat sticks her butt in your face. In fact, it means they love and trust you!

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    why does cat sleep on me

    You Have to Hide Toilet Paper From Your Cat

    I literally started laughing so hard when writing this one.

    A small backstory. In one of our bathrooms, we don’t have a toilet paper holder. The amount of times my husband would walk into the bathroom and not find the toilet paper was too many to count.

    The best was when we caught the kittens carrying AN ENTIRE roll of toilet paper down the stairs in their mouths! How is that even possible.

    We’ve since learned some tricks that help keep our cats from causing bathroom issues.

    Cats Sleep Constantly … But You Can’t Sleep Past 6 a.m.

    With four cats, their sleeping schedule is a little bit different.

    The one thing that is constant, wake up time.

    If we try and sleep in even a half hour more than usual we have ALL FOUR CATS on our bed meowing and walking on us. One cat will even push on my head to wake me up and bat at my phone. (To make the alarm go off I assume).

    Hey, at least we are prepared for when kids want to wake up early.

    You Forget Your Cat Is Literally Pooping in a Box Somewhere in Your House

    This one is one that I forget ALL THE TIME.

    While it is SO NICE to not have to wake up in the middle of the night to take a pet out to go the bathroom. We humans would never think about pooping in a litter box (unless the situation was very, very dire).

    But it’s totally acceptable for your cat to poop in a box somewhere in your house … and leave it for you to clean up. And maybe even track some litter around the room, for good measure.


    Don’t Spend A Lot of Money on Toys. Your Cat Will Only Like The Cheap Stuff

    We have spend so much money on different cat toys. And so many cat toys are sitting in their toy bin, only to be played with if we are about to give the toys away.

    Want to know what our cats favorite toy is right now? Earplugs.

    Let me specify. NEON GREEN EARPLUGS. I think we spend about $20  on 100 earplugs. That my husband tries to use for himself at night.

    So don’t stress about spending a lot of money on cat toys. The little stuff works too.

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    Your Cat Are Pickier With Their Foods Than You

    We feed our cats wet food. They have gotten so picky that we have to give them a VARIETY of cat food every night. And if they aren’t feeling that flavor today, they simply don’t eat it.

    Now not all cats go to that extreme. But we all know our cats have foods in which they love, and food that they won’t touch.

    And sometimes they will throw up the food on the area rug to show how much they really love the food.

    You’ve Accepted That Your Cat Is Boss

    We both have realized that they cats rule the house.

    The want to be fed? We wake up. Heck, Phoebe even tells ME when its time to go to bed if I stay up too late. In fact she’s doing it right now. Just a little longer Pheebes.

    In a cat house, we all know who’s the boss. Hint: Yes, their  favorite pastimes include knocking items off of counters, sitting on your laptop when you’re trying to work and dictating your sleeping schedules. 

    AGAIN, Cats Have No Sense of Personal Space

    Cats put their butts in people’s faces to show them they like them. They give you zero personal space to show you they love you, but also to remind you that they’re in charge. 

    You Never Know If Your Cat Wants to Cuddle You … or Bite You

    There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch with your kitty … until you make a single wrong movement, and they freaks out, bites you and skitters into another room. Or if they are laying on you and you move slightly. You would think you just told them no more food for the week.

    How dare you? Moving?!

    BONUS: Cats really bring so much joy into our lives

    There are so many jokes (and facts) that make us laugh and cry about cats. But when push comes to shove cats really do bring so much happiness into our lives.

    And while some of these are crazy, I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

    2 thoughts on “11 Things Only Cat Owners Understand”

    1. Have had cats for 51 years of married life. 41 of those were with Siamese. Went 7 months May 2020 to December without any. Was so sad and eventually located 2. Picked up one the first part of December and the other one middle of January 2021. Life has never been the same since. These are 2 wild and crazy fun-loving kids. It is always… OMG now what have you done. Don’t have the toilet paper problem, or shall I say yet. But boxes of Kleenex are not safe. Two I have had to find alternative places to store Kleenex. So far 3 boxes are safe, and we wonder how long for. Had to get a heavy duty paper towel holder after one morning waking up to the towels all over the kitchen floor. Never a dull moment. Constantly keeping us laughing. Almost everyday it is now what have you done? The littlest seems to be the worst. But love them both so much.
      Enjoyed your post.

      1. livelongandpawspurr

        It is never a dull moment! I love hearing about your wonderful kitties!

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