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5 Awesome Cat Items Every Cat Mom Needs

    5 Items Every Cat Mom (or Dad) Needs To Own

    At a fellow cat mom, cat enthusiast, and honestly a partially crazy cat lady, I feel like I have almost everything cat related.

    Tastefully, of course. I have to hide my crazy cat lady part until I meet fellow cat lovers.

    I have a friend who is getting her FIRST kitten here in a few days.

    Of course I gave her the rundown, I made her read 7 Helpful Tips For Getting a New Kitten and 6 Cat Products You Should Get Your Cat From Amazon. But then I got to thinking more.

    She needs SWAG herself!

    Cats can become part of your lives. Your furbabies!

    And why not have some adorable cat-related items for yourself while you are pimping out new kitties home?!

    cat beanie

    1. A Super Cut Hat

    I wanted to start with something that I feel like is significantly less crazy cat lady that most.

    What’s cuter than a cat hat with little cat ears? Not a lot!

    And what’s awesome is it is something you can pull off even if you don’t have a cat. Which would prove you’re not weird to wear this hat!

    It’s stylish, keeps your head warm. And you can show off your kitty a more normal way.

    But let’s be realistic, normal is so over-rated.

    2. Show Off You Kitty With Adorable Cat Socks

    If you are someone who is REALLY worried about known as a cat mom, or cat dad. You still have options.

    Cat socks are a great options for parents who want to show off their cats in a private way.

    You can wear cool cat socks at almost any occasion. Weddings, work days, or in the comfort of your own home.

    I have sooo many different cat socks. For me, it just adds a little bit of fun to your day.

    cat mom sweatshirt

    3. Rocking Sweatshirt

    Already, if you are just wanting the world to know you are a cat mom, what better way than with a cat sweatshirt.

    People with shirts with the names of their colleges, why not one that a ‘Cat Mom’ one?!

    And if you find the right now, it can look tastefully and not tacky! I have so many cat shirts that are not like weird, in your face cat shirts.

    Surprisingly enough, I have gotten so many compliments on them.

    Usually followed by the realization that it’s a cat shirt or a cat-related shirt. So fashion doesn’t have to be void of animals to be cool!

    You just have to be smart about it.

    cat diamond necklace

    4. Some Awesome Cat Jewelry

    For my fellow cat owners, sometimes you want something you can wear every day.

    And just because you have cat jewelry doesn’t mean you have to wear something gaudy and obnoxious. You can choose something simple like paw print earrings, or a paw print necklace.

    It is simple, shows your interests, and can dress up an outfit. I have these adorable little cat earrings that I wear every day

    And no, it’s not because I am crazy.

    They are just cute little studs that happen to be shaped in the shape of pawprints. And I would normally want to have studs in my ears to dress my face up a little bit. So why not?

    5. A Lint Roller

    Okay, let’s be realistic for a little moment.

    Most of the stuff on this list isn’t stuff you NEED to have. Like need to survive need.

    It’s like a NEED as in need to be a super cool cat parent.

    But if there is one absolute NEED for a cat owner…it is a lint roller. Why?

    Because most cats shed.

    And that’s not always a bad thing. If you vacuum regularly and are basically a clean person, shedding really doesn’t matter.

    But a lint roller, can be a lifesaver as well.

    They can save your clothes from your wonderful pets at random times. Take my cat for example.

    We vacuum very often, keep a clean house and brush her.

    However, whenever we put on a pair of black work pants, she has to rub up against them. And guess what happens when she does that?!

    Dun, dun dun! Fur!

    But a little lint roller allows me to pet my beautiful girl, and still look professional in the workplace.

    Talk about a long-winded section about a lint roller. Basically, save your clothes for when your cat randomly brushes up against you.

    TA DA!

    Cat Hand Warmer

    Bonus: HAND WARMER!

    One bonus cool item that I wanted to add in is something I found recently. It is a cute little paw print hand warmer!

    I love this because it is perfect for cold winter days. And there are disposable hand warmers that exist and are great!

    But HOW CUTE IS THIS?! And you can reuse it!

    I seriously love it when I am walking outside in the freezing Ohio winter.

    Do I Really Need These Cat Items?

    Okay, let’s be honest here.

    Do you really NEED these items to be a great cat parent?! Of course not!

    But honestly, as cat parents (and probably human parents as well), you do deserve to treat yourself a little. Even if it is just to a funny pair of socks that you love.

    So treat yourself a little. Splurge on some fun cat stuff!

    And it will be an added bonus for your cats to play with the box it comes in.

    It’s really a win/win if you ask me!

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