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Abound Dog Food Review


    Dog food is something that is a basic necessity for anyone that owns a dog. We love it, we need it. But most importantly, we want our puppies to enjoy it! 

    So let’s do a deep dive into our puppy Woody’s food, Abound.

    Woody is a hound and lab mix rescue, who was in a shelter due to poor living and eating conditions. With that in mind, Woody did struggle eating and was slightly picky at first as he was getting comfortable with a new living situation. After I was able to get him to eat some chicken and gain his trust, the Abound kibble was a personal favorite to supplement his diet and not just feed the puppy chicken and rice.


    Abound is made with foods that I not only can pronounce, but also contain a lot of ingredients I would feel comfortable feeding my dog. 

    What I will say about Abound, and honestly most dry dog food, is there are going to be processed ingredients in their food. Which is not always a bad thing. 

    Like humans, a little bit of processed food is not bad for a dog’s diet. 

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    Taste and Texture

    Woody is a very picky dog. When he had some nutritional issues when he first came home, finding something for him to eat was a challenge. 

    Now, even with Abound, he wouldn’t go running towards the food. However, this one the first one that he actually WOULD eat. All the others he would simply ignore and whine for food that he actually wanted to eat! 

    The texture of this food is also similar to all other dry dog foods. The biggest difference is the size of this kibble. This kibble is ideal for medium to large size dogs as the size of each “pellet” is larger than average. 

    I don’t know if they are actually called pellets. But you know what I mean! The individual pieces of dog food. 


    Abound is a great choice for dog owners on a budget. For a 4 lbs bag, you can usually get it for around $20 online. This usually last about a month for our hungry puppy.

    You can usually get Abound for a discount if you subscribe and save on Amazon!

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    Dog’s Verdict:

    Like I mentioned, Abound is one of the only dry dog food that Woody will eat. 

    Woody eats grilled chicken and rice as his primary meals with the kibble supplementing his hunger and making sure he is getting a more diverse nutritional balance.

     He has never been overly excited to get a full bowl of kibble but it helps him satisfy his hunger in a healthy and cost effective manner.

    Final Verdict: 

    For me, the best way to know if a dog food is worth it is if my dog likes it. And it keeps them healthy. Since Woody eats this food as a supplement to his grilled chicken and rice, Abound is a great choice. 

    At the end of the day, you could have the healthiest and “best” dog food on the market. But if your dog doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter. 

    So when it comes to dog food, make sure you try out different options and just stick with what your doggo likes! 

    For us, that just happened to be Abound!

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