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12 Reasons You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat

    12 Reasons You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat

    When it comes to adopting a cat, there are a handful of ways you can go about doing it. You can take in a pet that a friend or family member found, you can go to a breeder, or you can go to a shelter.

    While the first option is hands down the best way to go about adopting, shelter cats are a close second, if not tied with the first.

    So if no friends are asking you to take cats they found, heres 11 reasons why you need to adopt a shelter cat.

    Helping Fund Future Cat Adoptions

    Whenever friends and family members say that they want to wait until a kitten is found to adopt, this is always the reason I remind them not to wait.

    If everyone waited until a cat magically came available, the cat shelters would be so full.

    And the adoption fees you pay help keep the other cats still in the shelter warm and fed so they can continue to provide shelter until cats find their forever homes.

    They Help Your Heart

    If you have never owned a pet, this is one that you’re have to trust me on. Adopting a pet does something to your heart.

    Did you know that feline companionship could help you live longer? Studies have shown that pets can reduce triglyceride and cholesterol leading to healthy hearts for their owners.

    There’s something that happens to your heart when you care for a little animal that needs you…which leads into our next one.

    Good For Mental Health

    So we just talked about how adopting a shelter cat is good for your heart. But did you know it also helps your health.

    A variety of studies have found pets can reduce anxiety, stress as well as depression in their owners.

    These studies have also shown that pets have mood-boosting powers.

    A fun fact is that cat’s purr at a frequency that helps heal them…and in humans, it can even lower stress and anxiety!

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    Brighten Up Your Routine

    Cats can add something extra to your mundane daily routine.

    Doing the same thing, in an empty house can get very lonely.

    As you know cats are great helpers (lol). Whether you’re off to a busy workday or coming home after sitting in hours of traffic having a cat around turns any frown upside down.

    Shelter Cats Are Often Times More Loving That Cats From Breeders

    So this is a total myth that I have and have absolutely no science to back this up.

    But I have noticed when you rescue a cat either from a shelter or from the streets, they seemed to be more loving and affectionate than cats who have been spoiled their whole lives.

    I rescued a 2 week old kitten, cared for her until she was old enough to go to her home. Which basically meant she has a warm safe place her entire life.

    When she went to her own, he would joke that she was the most spoiled cat with an attitude. And I would joke it was because she’s been spoiled basically since birth.

    Phoebe, who we found at a year old, is the sweetest, calmest cat ever.

    Again, not an exact science…just a Live Long and Pawspurr Myth.

    They’ll Make You Laugh

    Let’s face it. Cats are funny!

    There is a reason YouTube is filled with hours of cat videos!

    Even our kitties have watched their fair share of cat videos. If you adopt a cat think of all of those funny moments you’ve watched but IN PERSON!

    And even some things other people don’t think are funny are hilarious to you.

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    Providing A Second Chance

    Whether a stray or other circumstance beyond their control, you give a shelter cat a chance at the life they’ve always dreamed of.

    Like I mentioned in reason 5, shelter cats tend to be sweeter because they are grateful at a second chance for a new life.

    Every day spent with your furry companion is a day the cat couldn’t have dreamed of without you.

    Fully Vetted

    Here is another positive to when you adopt a cat from a shelter rather than waiting.

    If you find a cat, you have to pay for their initial vet bills, plus any additional shots they need.

    Typically if you adopt from a shelter, cats are micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, and up-to-date on vaccines and prevention.

    Saving More Lives

    When you adopt a shelter cat, you not only save the life of the cat or kitten you’re adopting but you also save the cat or kittens who will come after them.

    That shelter can now bring in more kittens that they may have had to turn away.

    Just think, if someone didn’t come in an adopt a cat…the shelter may not have had YOUR cat.

    Crazy thought.

    You can know their PURRsonalities ahead of time

    Here is another positive to adopting from a shelter, you can get a cat that is perfect for your personality.

    Volunteers and team members will speak at length about what makes each and every cat special.

    Most shelters even have specific cards displayed detailing the rescues’ behavior and temperament.

     Making it easier to find the perfect FURever friend!

    Yes, the cat puns are pawsome!

    They Help You Sleep

    This is one I can attest to completely!

    Studies have shown having pets can even lead to better sleep.

    According to one study, 40% of people say that they sleep better when they have furry companions.

    I definitely know I can’t fall asleep unless Phoebe is in bed with me and Zoe is on my chest. There’s just the comfort of them being near me. (And I think the purring is soothing too).

    They Help Children

    The benefit of shelter cats helps more than just us but also our families as well.

    Children who own pets, including shelter cats, are shown to have a higher level of empathy and self-esteem than children who do not.

    They also help teach responsibility which will help prepare them to care for themselves and future pets as they grow up.


    Shelter cats are a great way to adopt a cat.

    You can get cats of nearly every breed, age, and size at shelters if you look.

    So if you are thinking of adopting a shelter cat, hopefully some of these reasons will help you decide to adopt a cat.


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