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All About National Black Cat Day


    All About National Black Cat Day

    National Black Cay Day is right around the corner. National Black Cat Day is on august 17 th! It is a day to Celebrate the black cats of the world! If you haven’t noticed, a lot of people seem to think black cats are bad luck. If you want to know the story behind why cats are considered bad luck, you can read my entire post here.

    What is National Black Cat’s Day

    So let’s talk about this actual holiday. What even is National Black Cat Days?

    National Black Cat Day is a holiday to spread the word about the solid black cat that has sort of an image problem. Black cats are not only considered bad luck in the United States but they are also one of the cats that is the least likely to be adopted. You can read more about why black cats are considered bad luck, here.

    Did you know in Britain and Japan, black cares are actually considered to bring good luck if it crosses your path? It’s so true, which is why it’s so sad that people believe believe black cats bring bad luck.

    So do your favorite black feline a favor by showering them with some love and affection on this holiday. In short, it is a holiday that is aimed to help reverse the negative stigma of black cats. To show that black cats are just as loving and kind


    How to Celebration Black Cat’s Day

    Even if you don’t own a black cat, there are still many ways in which you can celebrate National Black Cat’s Day. I have separated them out in three categories:


    One awesome way that you can celebrate National Black Cat day is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. Black cats have some of the lowest adoption rates. That means they are probably plenty of black cats needing love at your local shelter. By volunteering, you are showing black cats that they can receive love and are not something to be feared.


    If you are like me, then volunteering will only lead you to feeling worse. It is not for everyone. Another way you can get involved is by fostering or adopting your own black kitten. There are so many kittens that need forever homes. If you don’t think you can have one cat forever, fostering is a great alternative. Fostering allows the kitten to have a safe warm home for a few months until they are able to find their forever home.

    Fostering is hard. Don’t get me wrong. You get attached to them and are sad to see them leave. But when you see them go to their forever family, it makes it all worth it. That’s why I keep doing it. For me, knowing that cats are spoiled from the minute I get them, to the end of their lives with their forever family makes it easier to say goodbye. I would rather cry one night, than let more animals sleep in cages because I didn’t want to feel bad.

    However, if you cannot foster (not everyone can) but feel like you need a companion, you could always adopt a black cat! How awesome would that be? Adopting a black cat on National Black Cat Day! Puuuuurrity cool. Okay, I hate me too for saying that.

                 Love on Your Cat

    Finally, if you already have a cat, you can show yours a little extra love today. Even if they are not a black cat, all cats need love. They all came from somewhere and needed you to save them. So while we cannot save all the animals in the world, just remember that you have already saved one, or a few. That’s really what this holiday is for….saving cats.

    Fun Facts About Black Cats

    • The Egyptians considered black cats to be lucky

    • Fisherman, sailors and pirates saw black cats as good luck

    • In Russia, all cats are considered lucky

    • Black Cat Appreciation Day falls on August 17th

    • National Cat Day Falls on October 27th
    • There is no one black cat breed. You’ll find 22 recognized breeds of black cats.

    • The gene that causes black fur might make these felines resistant to diseases.
    • Many black cats have golden eye
    • They might make you rich. In many Asian countries, such as China and Japan, black cats are not only considered good luck, but may also attract wealth.
    • Black cats go with every décor, and, best of all, you can’t see their fur on your furniture!


    National Black Cat Day is a a day to celebrate and raise awareness to the black cats of this world. They do not cause bad luck, or are known as “witches” or anything that was feared in the past. This day is used to celebrate that black cats can be sweet and loving. If you have a black cat, make sure to give them a little extra love today and share them all over social media.

    If you are thinking about getting a cat, consider a black one. All rescues need to be saved. Help lower the stigma with black cats by showing the world how awesome they are! Let’s break the stigma of black cats and them find a good home!



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    1. A Domenica. Pandolfi

      My Midnight is a black cat. He has green eyes and fur black and shiny like satin. I don’t believe in luck but Midnight is the most sensitive and loving cat ever. When my other cats r sick and go under the bed, he will follow them and stay. He is so affectionate and loving . He will wrap his entire body around my arm as I cradle his little head in the palm of my hand. He was on the street and began to leave decapitated mouse heads on the back yard deck. He would sit there until finally we let him in. When I moved out I took all 4 cats with me. My sister said she would put them all in a shelter otherwise. It’s been 4 years now My Sophie RIP passed an I miss her so much. I live alone I have 3 cat children. I couldn’t be happier. I’m texting in the bed with all 3 around me. Cats are way better than humans they love u unconditionally. Google Black cats in Ireland. Very interesting

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