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Are Roses Toxic for Cats?

    Are Roses Toxic for Cats?


    We are following a post about a plant, aloe vera, with another post about plants and cats. Roses can be common both inside and outside. Because it is so common, many pet owners may be wondering if the common rose is toxic to their animals.

    I’m sure many of you have come upon your pet munching or licking a plant they probably have no business being around. Cats can be very adventurous and just like little children get into things they shouldn’t. So are roses toxic or poisonous to cats? That is the question we will be answering with this post so read below to find out more.

    Are roses poisonous to cats?

    The common rose is not toxic to cats including the petals and leaves. That does not mean you should let your cat eat roses though. Just because roses themselves are not poisonous to cats there are a few things to watch out for. Every rose has its thorns and these thorns can harm cats unlike the rose petals or leaves.

    Thorns can be a very harmful part of the rose. They can scratch your cat or if your cat swallows them can cause severe internal damage if left untreated. 

    Pesticides are also something else to watch out for. If you use them on your outdoor roses, be sure to keep your cats away from the plants. Buying roses from the store, you have no way of knowing what was done to them so keep them away from your cat if possible.

    Some signs of poisoning include drooling, tremors, vomiting, lethargy and in severe cases seizures. Be on the look out for these if you have seen your cat in places they shouldn’t be.

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    Are all roses toxic to cats?

    Although the common rose is not poisonous to cats what about the other roses out there. Below is a list of types of roses your cat should avoid.

    • Christmas roses are poisonous to cats and should be avoided.
    • Desert roses are poisonous to cats. The sap this rose produces is the culprit for this toxicity.
    • Moss roses are succulents that are poisonous to cats.
    • Primrose produces an oil that is highly toxic to cats.
    • Rosebay are poisonous to cats but because of their leaves which even a small amount of can kill a cat.
    • Rose of Sharon is poisonous to cats and should be avoided.


    While the common rose is non-toxic to cats there are plenty of other types of roses that are poisonous to cats. See the list above so you can be an informed cat owner. Since the roses is not poisonous to cats should you just let your cat do whatever they want with it?

    The answer is no.

    Thorns and pesticides are the biggest concerns when it comes to roses so just because they are non-toxic does not mean they are harmless. Best be safe and keep your cat away from roses as much as possible. Stay tuned for more posts about plants that might be toxic for your cat.

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