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Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX Litter Review

    Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX Litter Review


    This next litter review will cover a lightweight litter in Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX. This litter is said to be 50% lighter than the original Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal. We will look at how this litter stacks up to the original litter and how well it performs in the categories of odor elimination or control, clumping ability, tracking and ease of use. Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal is the go-to litter in our house so all reviews are compared to that one. Read below to see how it shapes up.

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    Odor Elimination:

    Odor control or elimination is a good indicator of the quality of the cat litter. The odor elimination is above average with this litter and definitely keeps the odors to a minimum. With four cats, we need all the odor protection we can get and this litter does a good job of that.

    Even after a day of not being cleaned out this litter still has great odor controlling capabilities. After several cleanings the litter still does not give off odors except when the cats use it in the moment and those odors are extremely difficult to control especially if the cats, like some of ours, have difficulty in covering up after themselves.

    Overall, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX has great odor control just like the original.

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    Clumping Ability:

    Unfortunately, Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX is slightly less effective than what I would expect from this product. Whether it is the lightness of the litter itself or the particles that and the formula used to make it lightweight, the clumping ability is just not what I would like it to be.

    The litter falls apart easier than most of the other litters I have reviewed. And pieces tend to break off easily making it difficult to completely clean the litter box. There is also something in this formula that almost glues the clumped waste to the bottom. Or sides of the litter box again causing pieces to break away from the main clump. This makes it much harder to keep the litter box clean.

    If you are looking for a good clumping litter, there are a few other choices I would put Arm&Hammer Platinum Litter ahead of this


    Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX also has a tracking issue (don’t worry, ours arrived on time from Amazon with no issues). I am assuming this is because of the lightweight particles, but it makes the litter easier to stick to the cat’s paws which makes it easier for the cats to track it outside of the litter box.

    After only a few days of having this litter, the cats track the equivalent to a weeks worth of tracking of other litters outside of the litter box. The formula o the lightweight litter could also be something that causes the litter to stick to things more when it gets wet as seen in the clumping section above which, in turn, could cause the litter to stick to the cat’s paws as well as the litter box.

    To wrap this section up, tracking prevention is also not one of this litter’s strong points.

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    Ease of Use:

    This is where the Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX earns its reputation back. This is one of the easiest litters to handle as far as weight goes and still packs the odor protection of the original and platinum Arm & Hammer litters.

    This litter is extremely lightweight and it makes it 5 times easier to put in a litter box than the platinum and original. Because it is lightweight it also affects the weight of the waste after it has been cleaned out of the litter box. It has been a blessing after cleaning the litter box to not have a heavy weighted bag to carry down the stairs and out to the trash cans.

    If lightweight is a priority to you then the Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX is a great choice for you.


    The price of this a little over half the price of the Arm&Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Litter. Being about 50% lighter also makes this product about 50% less expensive apparently. You are paying less money for the same volume of litter and that is a pretty good deal. The quality of the litter is lacking in some areas but for the price. It is tough to beat this litter on price per volume.

    This is a cheaper litter that could help you save money as well as your back.

    Final Verdict:

    Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX litter is slightly lacking in two of the main areas I look at when determining what litter to use. The clumping ability is just not up to snuff and the tracking prevention is also lacking. This, I believe, is caused by the major upside of this litter which is the weight.

    Because the litter is lightweight it is easier to track around the place. Due to the lightweight formula, the clumping ability had to take a hit. Because different materials were used to make up the litter to make it lighter. This is a great example of lightweight litter and it is also cheaper than the original and platinum Arm & Hammer litters. This makes it a great alternative if you are looking for a lighter or cheaper litter that still has great odor control.

    The determination to buy this product will be solely based on what you are looking for. Is litter had for you to move and use? Are you looking for a cheaper litter to save some money every once in a while?

    If the answer is yes to either of those questions, seriously consider buying Arm&Hammer Clump & Seal AbsorbX.

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