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Automatic Cat Laser Pointer Review

    Automatic Cat Laser Toy Review


    Cats can be occupied by many different things but if your cats are anything like our cats, they can get fixated on you and what you are doing very easily. One way we like to distract them from bothering us when we are busy or occupied with other things is play with them with a laser pointer.

    This is not as easy when you yourself are busy or occupied so this next product review is especially helpful if you need to distract your cats. This review will delve into the world of automatic laser pointers. For other toy review see (posts for cat banana and cat dancer).

    We first came across this toy when searching for ways to distract our cats while we were preparing food or eating as they are always curious when food is involved. One of us would get out the laser pointer and have the cats chase it around while the other ate or prepared food. This led us to find the Automatic Cat Laser Toy from Amazon.

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    Entertainment Value: 

    Entertaining and playing with your cats is very important if you expect to bond with them which makes this toy slightly different and offers a different value as well as an entertainment value. If your cats really enjoy playing with a laser pointer they will love this toy. Not only does it have multiple speed options, there is also a setting where you can change the path of the laser up to five different ways.

    The difference between the paths is just the size and amount of ground it covers but this is the difference of your cat running 2 feet back and forth or 10 feet back and forth. The adjustable speed is also a plus as this can be set to your cats preferred playing speed. Some cats really love to get going and are much more mobile whereas others tend to be more stationary and do not like to chase things that go too fast.

    To rate the entertainment value is to rate the enjoyment your cat gets out of playing with a laser pointer. If they love it, chances are they will love this toy.

    There is an added value for you with this toy as well because it is automatic. Once the toy turns on, it will go for 15 minutes then stop then turn on again 3 hours later. This means that if your cats generally stay in the location during the day, they could play with this toy for multiple times a day without you doing anything except setting it up. This means if you ever need to distract your cat for a few minutes, this toy is for you.


    The durability of this toy is not the same as with other toys as the cats are not playing with it directly. If placed correctly in a high enough location, this toy will last for quite a long time. We have placed it in a location that the cats can get to it but once it is turned on they are less interested in where the laser is coming from than the dot itself.

    If the toy is turned off, they have no interest in it whatsoever. We have had ours for over a year and it is still in great shape. There were times where we had it on for days at a time and it is still going strong.

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    This toy is powered two different ways: The price of this item is about average as far as automatic cat laser pointers are concerned. I have not done extensive research into many other laser pointers. But for us, it is a reasonable price for the value you get out of it.

    There are two ways to power this toy: USB charging cord or AA batteries. The USB charging cord saves you a lot of money on batteries. If it stays on for a few days you will go through the 4 AA batteries relatively quickly.


    Final Verdict: 

    This is a great cat toy for both yourself and your cats. The cats will love playing with it if they enjoy laser pointers and you will enjoy some time without distractions from your cat for 15 minutes or so. The price is reasonable and the features create different ways for your cats to play.

    Overall, this toy is a no brainer for the laser pointer loving cat as well as their owner.

    Cat’s Verdict: 

    Three out of our four cats love laser pointers and we always needed to distract two of those three at some point. It is best that you do not overuse this toy. The cats can get bored of it or become desensitized to the laser pointer if used too much.

    It is a great surprise for them every week or so. If they play with it daily they will not be as excited to play with it again for little while. The cats do love it so at the end of the day, the cats would be disappointed without it.

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