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Balinese Cat: Cat Breed Profile

    AIf you’re a cat lover looking for a feline companion, you might have come across the Balinese cat breed. These elegant and intelligent cats are known for their long, silky coats and unique personalities. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Balinese cats are, their history, personality, shedding tendencies, and price range.

    What is a Balinese Cat?

    Balinese cats are a breed of domestic cat that originated in the United States in the 1940s. They are a type of Siamese cat with longer hair and a plumed tail. Balinese cats are often described as elegant, athletic, and intelligent. They are medium-sized cats, weighing between 8 to 15 pounds, with a long, slender body and a wedge-shaped head. Their eyes are almond-shaped and blue, and their coat is usually a creamy white with points of seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac.

    What Colors Can Balinese Cats Be?

    As stated above, most cats of this breed usually have a creamy white coat with spots of different colors. However, balinese cats ca have any of the following colors as well:

    • red / orange
    • white
    • blue / gray
    • cream / beige / tan
    • chocolate / brown / sable
    • fawn
    • lilac

    Balinese Cat History

    The Balinese cat breed is relatively new compared to many other cat breeds. It originated in the United States in the 1940s when breeders began to selectively breed Siamese cats with long hair. The first Balinese cat was a long-haired kitten born to a Siamese cat breeder in California in 1941.

    The breed was named Balinese because its long, flowing coat and plumed tail were reminiscent of traditional Balinese dancers’ costumes. In the 1950s, the breed was officially recognized by cat associations and began to gain popularity among cat lovers.

    Are Balinese Cats Hypoallergenic?

    If you’re allergic to cats, you might be wondering if Balinese cats are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Like all cats, Balinese cats produce a protein called Fel d 1, which is a common allergen for humans. However, some people with allergies may find that they can tolerate Balinese cats better than other breeds.

    Balinese cats are known to produce less of the Fel d 1 protein than other breeds, and their shorter fur may also help to reduce allergens. However, it’s important to note that no cat breed is completely hypoallergenic, and if you have severe allergies, you may still experience symptoms around Balinese cats.

    Balinese Cat Personality

    Balinese cats are often described as friendly, affectionate, and social. They are known to form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy spending time with them. Balinese cats are also intelligent and curious, and they love to play and explore. This breed is known for being social and affectionate to its owner(s) once it feels safe and secure.

    One unique aspect of the Balinese cat’s personality is their love of vocalizing. Like their Siamese ancestors, Balinese cats are known for their loud, distinctive meows and chatty nature. They are also highly active and athletic, and they love to climb, jump, and play.

    Friendly and Good with Dogs

    Balinese cats are known for their friendly and social nature, and they often get along well with other pets, including dogs. They are confident and outgoing, and they enjoy interacting with people and animals.

    If you’re considering getting a Balinese cat and you already have a dog, it’s important to introduce them gradually and supervise their interactions. With proper introduction and socialization, Balinese cats and dogs can form close bonds and enjoy each other’s company.

    This breed also does well with families, children, and seniors making it a great breed for any time of family combination your home may hold.

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    Do Balinese Cats Shed?

    All cats shed to some degree, and Balinese cats are no exception. However, their shorter fur means that they may shed less than other long-haired breeds. Balinese cats have a single-layer coat that is soft and silky, and they don’t require as much grooming as some other long-haired cats.

    That said, it’s still important to groom your Balinese cat regularly to help reduce shedding and keep their coat healthy. Brushing your cat’s coat once or twice a week can help to remove loose hair and prevent matting. Additionally, regular nail trimming and ear cleaning can help keep your Balinese cat looking and feeling their best.

    If you have allergies or are concerned about shedding, you may want to consider a low-shedding breed like the Sphynx or Devon Rex. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort to groom your Balinese cat regularly, they can make a great pet for those with allergies or sensitivity to shedding.

    How long do Balinese Cats Live?

    The typical lifespan of a Balinese breed is between 15-20 years. This is on the higher end of cat breed lifespan which is a great option for first time pet owners worried about losing their new loved one. 

    How Much Are Balinese Cats?

    The price of a Balinese cat can vary depending on several factors, including their age, pedigree, and where you’re located. On average, you can expect to pay between $600 to $1,200 for a Balinese kitten from a reputable breeder. This price may be higher for kittens with a show-quality pedigree or rare coat color.

    If you’re interested in adopting a Balinese cat from a rescue or shelter, the price may be lower, but you may have fewer options to choose from. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable breeder or rescue organization to ensure that your Balinese cat is healthy and well-cared for.

    In addition to the initial cost of purchasing or adopting a Balinese cat, you should also factor in ongoing expenses like food, litter, and veterinary care. Balinese cats are generally healthy and don’t have any breed-specific health concerns, but regular check-ups and preventative care can help keep your cat in good health.


    Balinese cats are a unique and elegant breed with a distinctive personality and beautiful coat. While they are not hypoallergenic, they may be a good choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to shedding. Balinese cats are known for their friendly and social nature and can make great companions for families with children or other pets.

    If you’re considering getting a Balinese cat, it’s important to do your research. And choose a reputable breeder or rescue organization. Additionally, you should also be prepared to invest time and effort into grooming your cat’s coat and providing them with regular veterinary care.

    Overall, Balinese cats are a great choice for cat lovers looking for a friendly, intelligent, and beautiful feline companion. With their unique personality and stunning appearance, it’s no wonder that Balinese cats are such a popular breed among cat lovers around the world.

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