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The Best Cat Litter To Buy On Amazon

    My Top Picks:

    Best Overall Litter: Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal

    “Easy to clean with no leftover mess, this cat litter is one of the best for covering cat odor”

    Best For Multiple Cats: Dr.Elseys’s Ultra Cat Litter

    “If you want to mask smells and odors…this is the cat litter for you”

    Best Bargain Litter: Purina Tidy Cats

    “If you are needing to save money on litter, Purina is the choice for you!”

    Best Non-Clumping Litter: Yesterdays News

    “This is the litter I recommend for all newborn kitten owners, first time kitten owners, and owners who do not want clumping litter!”

    Best Lightweight Litter: Arm&Hammer AbsorbX Litter

    “We don’t want to have to carry 40 lbs of litter around the store, go lightweight”

    Best Biodegradable: Naturally Fresh Cat

    “This cat litter is great for your cat and for the environment:

    What Cat Litter Is Best For Your Cat?

    Cat owners! If you are anything like me, you always dread when its time to get more litter at the grocery store. Or having to go to the pet store just for more litter.

    It’s heavy and takes up so much room in your cart! I always felt like a crazy cat lady when I was getting two things of litter on some rare occasions.

    But! I figured out a hack that I only do now! I get my litter sent to my door every month! It is so awesome!

    The price is the same as the grocery store! Heck, sometimes it’s even cheaper when there is not a sale going on!

    I only have to carry the litter in from my door step and can get it delivered even if I am not going to the grocery store when I need new litter. So I want to tell you guys my top litters to get on Amazon today!

    Let my test drive save you guys time and money! And not have to carry 20 lb cat litters around the store ever again! You’re welcome!

    Clumping Cat Litter versus Non-Clumping Cat Litter

    Before I go straight into the different types of litters, I want to talk about the difference between clumping and non-clumping litter.

    When most people think of litter, they think of clumping litter. It is easier to scoops, and usually does an excellent job of covering odors. So why don’t people exclusively use clumping litter? Well for a few reasons.

    First, if you have a kitten, you need to use non-clumping litter until they are around 8-10 weeks old. At this age, they are curious and will want to put anything and everything in their mouths, much like a human baby. The problem arises when they swallow clumping litter.

    Clumping litter does just that, it clumps when it comes into contact with liquids. That means that if a kitten eats litter, it could clump in their stomachs and cause bowel obstructions. This can be life threatening for kittens, even cats and is something that should be monitored or avoided if possible.

    Another reason people tend to stray away from clumping litter is the affect on nature. Most of the time, non-clumping litter is recycled materials, or easily recyclable. This is less amount of used litter in the dump everyday! But I think that is really for the people who care a lot about nature.

    For me, I usually recommend non-clumping litter to newborn kittens only. Let them get used to the litter and then they have the clumping when there isn’t a worry of bowel obstructions.

    So without further ado, let’s go over my top clumping and non-clumping litter.

    Clumping Cat Litter

    Let’s start with an obvious one. Obvious because it is so popular. Arm & Hammer.

    If you want a litter that clumps and blocks odor, then Arm & Hammer is a must try!


    When it comes to cat litter, Dr.Elsey‘s is always an excellent contender.

    They are priced similarly to Arm & Hammer and also has a variety of products.

    This is great for people who have multiple cats and are ready to try something different!

    Read Full Review Here: Dr.Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter

    Purina Tidy Cats is a tried and true cat litter.

    If you are looking for a cat litter that works but doesn’t break the bank, Purina Tidy Cats.

    They block odors and clumps litter in an efficient manner!

    Read The Full Review Here: Tidy Cats 24/4 Performance Review

    If you are wanting an amazing litter without having to carry a heavy weight litter up the stairs.

    Arm& Hammer is a great litter that helps with clumping and odor elimination.

    Now you can just do it with less weight.

    Read the Full Review: Arm & Hammer AbsobX Litter

    Non-Clumping Cat Litter

    Best non-clumping litter: Yesterday's News

     This one is my all-time favorite non-clumping litter!

    It was the first one that I used when I was fostering Binx, and she loved it! Heck my cats even were so interested in it that they went in her little baby litter box a few times.

    Read The Full Review Now: Yesterday News Cat Litter Review

    2. Tidy Cats

    Tidy cats, oh tidy cats. Here’s the deal. You really cannot go wrong with Tidy cats. They are a well known brand and they make good litter!

    This litter was again soft on their feet and Binx had a real interest in using it.

    The biggest difference between Yesterday’s News and Tidy Cats was actually in the adult cats. They were less interested in the Tidy Cats than they were about Yesterday News.

    I can’t say that is a bad thing because I didn’t really want them going into a baby litter box, but it was something I want to call out.


    There are a lot of great litters out there for you! And just because they exist in stores doesn’t mean you still need to go to the store to get them! Sit on your couch, drink your coffee, read more of my posts, and get your litter delivered to you on a regular basis.

    The time and money you will save alone will make you question why you haven’t been doing this since you got your little furry friend! I know that’s how I felt! The last time I got litter at the store, I remembered just how frustrating of a process this is, which led me to want to write this post for you guys.

    You can thank me later!

    Actually, I want to know. Which of these litters do you use everyday? Are you going to start buying them on Amazon now?


    Best Cat Litter To Get On amazon #catproducts #catlitter
    Best Cat Litter To Get On amazon

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