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Can Cats Eat Bananas?

    Can Cats Eat Bananas?

    Bananas are a super food. They are full of fiber, potassium, and even more nutrients.

    And while they are great for humans, what about cats?

    Have you noticed your cats are interested in bananas? Before you let your cat eats bananas, or any fruit really, you want to make sure its safe for them to eat.

    Are Bananas Toxic To Cats?

    The good news is bananas are not toxic to cats. Cats can have bananas in small doses and be perfect healthy.

    So if you have gotten on that trend of making ice creams out of bananas, you don’t have to worry if your cats sneak a taste.

    They will be safe, healthy, and no stress added to you

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    Is it Safe For Cats To Have Bananas?

    So while, bananas are not considered toxic, you still want to be careful.

    Bananas are not something you want to feed to cats all the time. Why you may ask?

    Cats are carnivores.

    Which means the biggest thing that they need in their diet is meat. Bananas are not meat.

    This fruit is very high in carbohydrates and fiber which can cause issues with your cat’s digestion.

    Just like we don’t the want the majority of our diet to be carbs, the same is true for cats.

    What About Apples?

    A lot of the time, apples and bananas go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    So if you are curious about the other types of foods your cat can eat…

    Go check out Can Cats Eat Apples?

    Why Are Cats Afraid Of Bananas?

    One question I normally get asked whenever the topic of bananas comes up is a funny one

    Why Are Cats Afraid of Bananas? Why do they jump up If you place a banana next to them?

    So there are two reasons why cats actually are “scared” or “don’t like” bananas.

    First, similar to apple vinegar, cats usually don’t like the smell of bananas. In fact, if you cat seems to be scratching a furniture, a quick fix can be to rub a banana peel on the spot to stop scratching.

    *One note to call out…while most cats don’t like the smell of bananas…this doesn’t mean all cats. Every cat is different, so don’t go rubbing your house with banana peels until you know your cat doesn’t like it. *

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    The second reason cats are scared of bananas is because when they seem them out of the corner of their eye, it can remind them of snakes.

    So if you want to be mean to your cats, stick a banana behind them when they are eating and watch them jump.

    Or you can just watch it on Youtube and not cause your cat stress. (Or Both)

    Final Verdict: Can Cats Have Bananas?

    At the end of the day, cats can have bananas. Bananas are safe for cats and are a great treat.

    However, they should be just that.


    You want to keep your cat’s main diet to consist of meat! But don’t stress if your cat sneaks some bananas from your treats!

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