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Can Cats Eat Bread?

    Can Cats Eat Bread?

    Anyone else experience the cute but annoying moment when your cat steals your hamburger bun right when you get up for a second?!

    My first thought is to always be annoyed…because C’mon!

    But immediately it is almost always followed with laughter because of the cuteness, and then finally it had me questioning, can cats have bread?

    Can Cats Have Bread?

    Is bread safe for cats? In the most part, yes it is safe.

    Breads normally contains simple ingredients like flour, water, milk, eggs, yeast and olive oil.

    None of these ingredients are particularly harmful to cats in small amounts.

    So, if your cat accidentally gets their paws on your loaf, they will most likely be just fine. At worst, your cat will experience a little upset stomach or indigestion.

    However, If your cat eats a substantial amount of bread, or is showing any symptoms of discomfort, or you’re otherwise worried, see your veterinarian for assistance.

    When To Feed Cats Bread?

    So this is a topic that I need to set the record straight on. Just because something is not harmful to cats does not mean you should TRY to incorporate it into their diets.

    Cats are known carnivores, they need meat and vegetables to grow and survive. There is never a time you NEED to feed your cats bread.

    The point is, if you cat gets into some bread its not usually a big deal. And with that usually, I will continue onto the next topic

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    can cats have bread

    Can Cats Have Raw Bread Dough?

    While baked bread is mainly harmless to cats, the same is not true for uncooked bread dough.

    The uncooked dough can actually expand within the warm, moist environment inside their stomach.

    This expansion can lead to bloating and stomach distention, and, even potentially cause a  life-threatening digestive blockage. 

    If that’s not enough to scare you, we haven’t even talked about yeast. (Sorry, I hate to scare you!)

    However, as the yeast ferments, it actually releases alcohol, which can lead to alcohol poisoning.

    If your cat eats any amount of bread dough, seek immediate veterinary help.

    Why Do Cats Eat Bread?

    The age old question, if its not helping my cats, why do they want to eat it? The number one answer normally is, because you are eating it silly.

    Cats want what their humans are eating. If you have a very curious cat, chances are they want to take a sneak of your food. And if you are not willing to share your bread, then they take matters into their own hands.

    Now, every cat is different. One cat may be very interested in bread, while others could smell it and walk away.

    My parents cat LOVES bread, but I am also convinced she’s part dog, so I take her taste buds with a grain of salt.

    Can I Give My Cats Toast?

    Since raw bread dough is so dangerous for cats, you may be asking yourself the opposite end of the question. Is toasted bread dangerous for cats?

    Since it is still considered cooked, plain toast is not harmful to your cats.

    Again, you want this interaction to be treats, not part of their everyday diet.

    What Bread Can You Never Feed Your Cat?

    The trouble with toast and bread comes with the bread toppings and bread add-ons.

    Some typical bread toppings can be toxic to cats.

    Raisins and garlic are two types of food that are toxic and potentially lethal to your cat.

    Never give your feline furry friend a bite of bread that has either of these ingredients in it or on it.

    While these are the two most common toppings in bread, these are not the only toppings that are dangerous to kittens.

    Other toppings or ingredients to avoid include chives (even in cream cheese), excessive salt or butter, chocolate spreads , or caramelized onions.

    Final Verdict: Is Bread Safe For Cats?

    When it comes down to it, baked bread and plain bread are perfectly safe for cats, in small doses.

    Since they are still considered processed foods, and not naturally part of your cats diet, it’s best to keep bread as a nice treat on special occasions.

    And if your special occasions are like mine, it’s usually when the cat gets fed up and steals the bread from underneath you.

    is bread toxic for cats?

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