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Can Cats Eat Cherries?

    Can Cats Eat Cherries?

    Cherries are my favorite snack food! When I am stressed out, the only thing that I really crave to stress eat are candy corn and cherries. I don’t know why.


    When I was eating my normal cherries, my kittens starting smelling around interested in the cherries which led my now husband to ask…Can I give the cats some cherries?!


    Which leads into today’s fun section, Can you give your cats some cherries?!


    Are Cherries Safe For Cats?


    The good news is that cherries are actually fairly safe for cats. Actually, cherries can even serve some health benefits in cats so they can be a great addition to add into your cat’s diet.


    While cats are mainly carnivores and need their main nutritional benefits from meat and other proteins, cherries can also serve as a great benefit in the long run.


    Cherries contain antioxidants. And your cat needs antioxidants just as much as you do. Antioxidants can help with inflammation, combat heart disease, and do some much more for you and your kitty.


    Eating cherries can also help eliminate skin diseases and infections.


    Cherries also contain melatonin. (Which explains why I eat them when I am stresses). Anyone that has trouble sleeping, knows the melatonin is a great calming substance.


    If you have an anxious cat, feeding them cherries every once in a while can help keep them calm, especially during high stress moments.

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    Can cats eat cherries without the pits?


    Yes, cats can eat cherries without the pits. Actually, that is the ONLY way that you should be feeding cherries to cats.


    But if your cat accidentally eats the pit, the seed, leaves or stems of a cherry, it could lead to poisoning in cats.

    All these items contain cyanide, which is not only toxic but also poisonous to cats. (And humans).


    If your cat accidentally eats a small amount of the items above, it is not life-threatening. It can cause panting, dilated pupils and other health concerns.


    If you catch your cat having eaten a lot of the stem, seeds or leaves of the cherries contact your vet right away.


    Can cats have cherry pie?


    With cherries being safe for cats, does that mean cats can eat cherry pie too?!


    Technically, I would advise against giving your cats cherry pie. Mainly because of the non-cherry ingredients.


    Cherry pie contains a lot of sugar and other additives that are not easily digested by cats. Cherry pie can cause indigestion in cats and even lead to obesity if give to cats often.

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    What are the risks of cat’s eating cherries?


    If cherries are so safe for cats are there any risks in giving your cats cherries?


    First, you never want cherries to be a main source of food. Cats are carnivores which means their main source of food needs to be meat. In addition, there is a natural sweetener called maraschino that is found within cherries. Cats do not digest these sugar sweeteners easily.


    If you give your cats too many cherries, it can cause them to get an upset stomach or even diarrhea. So while cherries are safe for a sweet treat every once in a while, you don’t want to go overboard.


    On a more serious note, you also want to be careful of cherry poisoning. Cherry poisoning can happen if your cat eats an unripe portion of the cherry or the cherry pit. The first signs of discomfort are indigestion, diarrhea, gas, and even vomiting.


    What should I do if my cat eats cherries?


    Why cherries are technically safe for cats to eat, there are still things to be careful of. Cats are prone to having allergies. Some allergies are lactose, sometimes fruits and vegetables that are not typically part of a cats diet.


    The first time you give your cats cherries you want to wait an hour or two (or 24 is what I normally recommend). You want to observe your cat to see if there is a change in their behavior. If not, then yay! As long as they are pooping, and acting like normal, it is okay to continue feeding them cherries.


    If your cat is acting a little (and I mean just a little unusual) then I would recommend not feeding your cat cherries anymore as they may have an allergy.


    If your cat is acting very differently from their normal selves, I would call your vet immediately. Especially if you are fearful that they ate a cherry pit.


    Final Verdict: Can I Give My Cats Cherries?


    Cherries are a safe treat for your kitten to have as a fun treat. You want to make sure that cats are given cherries as a sweet treat every once in a while.


    When you give you cats cherries, you want to watch how they react to cherries the first time you give it to them. But if they react normally to it, then you can continue giving them cherries in a healthy moderation.

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