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Can Cats Eat Mango?

    Can Cats Eat Mangos?

    Whew! Anyone else dying from the heat outside?

    If you’re like me, the main thing you are craving on these hot days is something refreshing! And my main refreshing treats are fruit.

    I was talking to my friends about how I have been eating more fruit lately and writing articles about the different fruits and if they are safe for cats.

    One asked me if mangos were okay because she has been DEVOURING mangos and didn’t know if she could let her cat have them. And full disclosure, mangos are not my fruit.

    So for me, this was never a question for my cats because…well it wasn’t in the house.

    But just because I don’t eat something doesn’t mean others don’t! So for you mango-lovers let’s talk about if cats can eat mangos!

    Are Mangoes Safe For Cats?

    The good news is that mangos are basically safe for cats!

    The only thing that you want to be careful not to feed your cats is the skin and the seeds of the mango. (Although I think you probably want to avoid those parts yourself for flavor purposes).

    The seeds and the skin can be toxic if your cats ingests it, similar to the skin and seeds of an apple.

    The actual fruit of mango however is completely safe for cats.

    So, if your cat steals a piece of mango from your fruit salad, don’t panic.

    Do Cats Benefit From Eating Mango?

    I love this question.

    Because many fruits and vegetables add certain health benefits to humans, people usually ask if it will do the same thing for cats.

    And while mangos won’t do any harm for cats, there is also not a massive benefit from your kitty sneaking some bites.

    Cats get most of their nutrients from meat and while some consider mango, “meat”, that’s not the meat I am talking about.

    So, they are almost like ice cream. Ice cream is not “bad” for humans as a fun treat every once in a while…but it certainly should not be a staple food group.

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    How Much Mango Is Safe For Cats?

    So, if mangoes aren’t bad for cats, but they aren’t considered “good” how much is actually safe?

    You obviously don’t want to give your cat an entire mango. But a piece of a mango or to is probably the most to give your cat as a treat.

    What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Mango?

    If your cat eats mango, the good news is you don’t have to panic. Since mango is safe for cats, chances are your cat will have no reaction to this new food.

    I do always recommend owners watch their cats for the first 24 hours after giving them a new food to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction or an upset stomach at all.

    If your cat starts acting very unlike themselves, make sure to call your vet immediately. While mangos are safe for most cats, you don’t want to make sure your cats don’t have a weird reaction.

    Final Verdict: Is it OK for Cats To Eat Mango?

    The good news is that mangos are safe for cats!

    While you can give mangos to your cat, you want to make sure you continue to do it in moderation. Cats are mainly carnivores so you want the majority of their diets to be made of meat.

    If your cat does eat mango, just watch them for the first 24 hours

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