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Can Cats Eat Noodles?

    Can Cats Eat Noodles?

    My kitties have been acting BAD lately. Anything that is on the counter is fair game for them to try in their eyes.

    And of course, after I wrote about Can Cats Eat Lasagna…I was craving pasta!

    As I was making the pasta and keeping a watchful out of for my predatory cats, I realized there was one piece in my lasagna post that I did not cover! Silly me!

    Any guesses? Well, you’re here for a reason which means you hopefully know its because of the NOODLES!

    Noodles, pasta, same thing different day. (Sorry Italian in-laws don’t hate me).

    Are Noodles Safe For Cats?

    Can cats have pasta? First let’s talk about really what goes into pasta.

    Mostly it is eggs, water and flour. All of which by themselves are perfectly safe for cats.

    So if you are a gambling owner, you would say noodles are pretty safe for cats. And you would be right…mostly.

    Plain noodles are completely safe for cats to eat in moderation. You want to keep it in moderation for one reason I am sure people are tired of me saying.

    Cats are carnivores!

    This means that the majority of their diet NEEDS to come from meat to keep them healthy and happy. And just because the majority of their food groups should be based on the meat family, doesn’t mean that is all they can eat.

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    Noodles And Cats

    Another thing to think about when giving cats noodles or pasta is the carbohydrate factor.

    Too many carbs in a cat’s diet can cause them to gain weight and put more stress on their organs and body as a whole. So a noodle won’t do any harm, but a whole plate of spaghetti is not ideal for your little fur-baby.

    Finally, to completely turn everything on it’s head. You should NEVER feed your cat pasta if it has certain add-ons and seasonings.

    Garlic and onions are extremely toxic to cats and should be avoided if you are going to share food with your cats.

    So no adding yummy garlic powder to your pasta if you want to share. This is also somewhat true for cheese as well.

    While cheese is not dangerous for cats. Most cats are lactose intolerant.

    So sharing a cheese-y pasta bowl with your kitten could give them an upset tummy, and a not-so-fun surprise for you later.

    What Should I Do If My Cats Eats Noodles?

    If your cat steals a plain noodle from your bowl, I wouldn’t freak out at all. Mine do it all the time.

    (Do you see why I have to be on guard with all my food?!)

    If you are planning on using any add-ons that your kitties cannot have, I would avoid giving them bites at all. If you know your cat is going to TRY and eat some, you can leave a small bowl of plain pasta aside for them when they are getting needy.

    If your cat does eat noodles with the dangerous add-ins, first check to see how much they actually ate.

    If they only had a lick of a garlic pasta noodle and walked away, you will probably be okay. If they ate a piece of garlic with the noodle, I would call your vet.

    If you don’t think your cat ate much of the pasta, I would still continue to watch them for the next day to make sure they aren’t having any reactions to the new food.

    If you notice your cat acting weird, lethargic, or throwing up, go to your vet immediately.

    However, if they are fine past the 24 hour mark, then they are just sneaky little kitties who needed to be guarded more carefully.

    Final Verdict: Can I Give My Cat Noodles?

    So, when looking at it at a high level, no you should not give your cats noodles.

    If you cat steals a lick of some pasta off your plate, I wouldn’t freak out. I would watch them for the next 24 hours to make sure they are safe. But after that they should be in the clear.

    If your cat eats a lot of noodles, or noodles with dangerous ingredients in it, call your vet immediately.


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