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Can Cats Eat Oranges?

    Can Cats Eat Oranges?

    Continuing on with the cats eating food section, let’s talk about a popular summer fruit. Oranges!

    Can cats even eat oranges?!

    In comparing apples and oranges, you would think that oranges are safe for cats since apples are considered basically safe.

    But is that true?

    Are Oranges Safe For Cats?

    While oranges might be beneficial for humans to eat due to their excellent amounts of vitamin C, it’s another situation for cats entirely.

    The truth is, cats should not eat oranges. Unfortunately the essential oil found in oranges are actually toxic to our kitties.

    Contrary to popular believe, not all essential oils are great…at least for cats.

    Unfortunately, a lot of them are actually toxic if cats ingest them.

    In fact, most citrus fruits are toxic for cats, and then usually don’t like the smell of them. If you notice your cat smelling any of the citrus fruits, chances are they will make a funny face and walk away.

    So, oranges are not something to be extremely careful around cats…they probably don’t like it anyways.

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    Can cats eat oranges if they’re still in their skin?

    Loopholes are humans favorite things to do.

    One of the popular questions when people as “Can cats have oranges?”  if usually followed by “what about orange skins or peels”?

    While you do not want to give your cat any part of an orange, a little fun fact is that oranges have the lowest amount of essential oils, so it’s the least harmful part.

    Eating a bite of the fruit will likely cause minor stomach upset only.”

    What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Oranges?

    If your cat eats oranges, there is most likely nothing to fear.

    As mentioned earlier, oranges have the smallest amount of toxic essential oils for cats.

    However, the essential oils that oranges contain are toxic to cats, so they should definitely be avoided. A cat who eats an orange might suffer from a very severe case of diarrhea.

    They might also start to vomit, due to the citric acid in oranges upsetting their stomach.

    In some cases, it has been proven that eating oranges can actually make a cat depressed, or even cause them to become highly photosensitive.

    If you notice your cat ate an orange, the biggest recommendation is to watch them for the next 24 hours.

    Call your vet if you notice them acting differently than the symptoms mentioned above. But chances are, they may just have a little upset tummy for a few hours.

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    Final Verdict: Can Cats Eat Oranges?

    In short, cats should not be eating oranges. The essential oils found in oranges can be dangerous to cats if consumed.

    Luckily, the essential oils are some of the lowest so oranges are the safest of the citrus fruits for cats.

    If your cat does eat oranges, you will want to watch them for the next 24 hours to make sure they do not have an adverse reaction to the fruit.

    If your cat starts acting very out of the ordinary, call your vet immediately!

    Have a food that you want to know if your cat can eat, ask below!

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