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Can Cats Eat Rice?

    Can Cats Eat Rice?

    I am so sick of dieting…I have been living off chicken, rice, and beans. My cats are not so sick of this diet.

    They love to kick the leftovers…or whatever I really just can’t stand eating anymore. And I remember telling my friends that my cats love my leftovers.

    She was completely shocked that I let my cats eat chicken and rice! Which led my to next topic, can cat have rice?

    The answer here is it depends. Whether or not you can give your cats rice depends on the age of the cat, their health, and the amount of rice.

    Remember that every kitty is unique and this grain does not have much nutritional value for felines. Veterinarians have established that rice can help regulate the digestive system of a cat and ease an upset stomach.

    This grain is easy to digest, and can help your pet a lot when she is suffering from some tummy issues.

    Is White Or Brown Rice Safe For Cats?

    Both white plain rice and brown plain rice are safe for cats so long as you cook the grains properly and leave them unseasoned.

    A small portion of cooked grains mixed with the feline’s usual food can improve digestion by hardening the stool and treating diarrhea.

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    When is Rice Good For Cats?

    Rice is a great solution if your cat has an upset stomach. Normally veterinarians recommend that you mix cooked rice or brown rice with normal cat food to curb and diarrhea.

    The grains in the rice help to firm up the stool and also prevents dehydration.

    However, rice should only be about a quarter of the normal amount of food you give your cats. Cats are carnivores and their main diet should still consist of meat.

    When Should You Not Give Cats Rice?

    Kittens should not be given grains as it can negatively impact their growth.

    In addition, you should not let cats of an age eat uncooked rice. Uncooked rice can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea and vomiting.

    Finally, for the rice to be safe for your beloved furry friend, it needs to be cooked properly and not contain salt, garlic, onions, and any other additives.

    Do Cats Like Rice?

    The final question that I usually get asked is, will my cat even eat rice? Will they like it?

    The truth is every cat is different. Some cats really love to try human foods, whereas others have no interest in it at all.

    I don’t want to sit here and tell you that yes, your cat will love rice!

    Because I don’t know your cat! The nice thing is that if you need to try rice as a healthy solution, it shouldn’t be an expensive cost for you to try!

    Final Verdict: Can I Give My Cat Rice?

    At the end of the day cats are carnivores. So while rice is technically safe for cats, they should still be fed in moderation.

    Their main source of food should be meat based, but rice can be added from time to time, in the right ways.

    You want to make sure the rice is always cooked and doesn’t contain any additives that could you harmful to your kitty.

    If you do notice your cat acting weird, call your vet immediately.

    It is kind of nice that cats can share human food with us in moderation. They will be so sad when I stopped eating rice and chicken every day!

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