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Can I Give My Cat Ice Cream?

    Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

    As the days are getting warmer, our foods start to change. One thing I have noticed I have been eating more lately is Ice Cream.

    And to no surprise as I eat more ice cream, my cats are interested in the tasty treat. But can they even eat this?

    Is Ice Cream Safe For Cats?

    In terms of ice cream, the answer to the safety of it really depends. It depends on the type of ice cream will depend on if it is safe for cats.

    The simple answer is yes, most ice creams are safe for cat.

    You do want to be careful giving ice cream to your cats. If you have read about cats and milk, then you know that cats are lactose intolerant.

    So while most ice creams won’t kill your cat, you want to be careful feeding them too much ice cream.

    Too much ice cream can cause upset a cat’s stomach and even lead to diarrhea and vomiting. So you want to keep this human food as a special treat for your feline friend.

    Can Cats Die From Eating Ice Cream?

    So a lot of the answers above were a lot ‘it depends’ and ‘sometimes’.

    So I am sure a lot of you are asking when can cats actually die from eating ice cream? Because honestly, it is the case in some situations.

    The biggest one being if there is chocolate in the ice cream.

    If you have read the post ‘Can Cats Eat Chocolate’, then you know that chocolate is poisonous to cats. So if you ice cream has chocolate bits or other poisonous items in it, then if you cat eats it, it could kill them.

    Can Cats Eat Non-Dairy Ice Cream?

    So one question I almost always get asked as a follow up question to ice cream and cats is, ‘What about non-dairy’?

    And while that is a valid question, that answer is still not so simple. Similar to regular ice cream, you have to be careful about the add-ons in the ice cream.

    Non-dairy chocolate ice cream is still very dangerous for cats.

    Now, it is healthy for cats in terms of the lactose issue. But it doesn’t solve everything with ice cream.

    Ice cream is also very high in fat and since cats are mainly carnivores, excess fat can cause obesity and heart issues with cats if they are given too much.

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    Is there such a thing as Cat Friendly Ice Cream?

    Just because your cat can’t eat YOUR ice cream doesn’t mean that they can’t have their own version!

    There are so many different recipes for cat friendly ice cream that you can make. And fun surprise, I will actually be testing some out and sharing some of my favorite with you in a post in the future.

    So, if you are wanting to make your own cat ice cream, be on the lookout!

    Or you can check out Amazon and get some super adorable pet ice creams sent straight to your door. (I’d be lying if I could say I didn’t have one of them in my cart to try out with my cats!)

    Can Cats Eat Vanilla Ice Cream?

    So let’s get down into the specifics as to which ice creams your cats can have in moderation, and which they need to stay far away from.

    The first is plain Vanilla Ice cream. This is probably the safest for your cat.

    Since there are not extra adds ons to this ice cream, changes are your cat can have a couple of tastes and be completely fine.

    Worse case they could be a little gassy…which aren’t we all sometimes?!

    Can Cats Eat Flavored Ice Cream?

    I could sit here and list every type of ice cream and say if it is safe for your cats or not.

    But you’re a busy person! You don’t need that.

    You just need your questions answered.

    So I will be completely honest with you. If you have something other than plain vanilla ice cream, I would be careful giving it to your cats.

    It is one thing if you cat takes one lick and another if you give them your leftovers.

    However, ice creams that have add-ons can contain ingredients that are deadly to cats. For example, Cherry Cordial ice cream. Now, chances are since it is a sweet ice cream, your cat may not be interested in it.

    But if they are and you give them a decent amount, you probably would think it was fine since cherries aren’t terrible for cats.

    What you are forgetting is the little chocolate chunks inside a cherry cordial ice cream. A decent amount could contain enough chocolate to kill your cat.

    To be safe, when it comes to flavored ice cream, keep it licking the bowl or not at all.

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    What To Do If My Cat Eats Ice Cream

    If you walk away from your ice cream only to find your cat has devoured a good amount of it, don’t panic!

    Depending on the type of ice cream and the amount will depend on the actions you need to take next. If it was vanilla, don’t worry. Just monitor your cat for the rest of the night and watch out for a stomach ache or any accidents.

    If you noticed your cat ate a little of your ice cream with flavors, I would monitor your cat’s behavior for the next 24 hours.

    If they only got a few bites, chances are they are fine. However if you notice your cat starting to act strange or lethargic, take them to the vet immediately.

    Like don’t wait it out. IMMEDIATELY.

    If they catch it early, most of the time they can save your pets life!

    Final Verdict: Can My Cat Have Ice Cream?

    At the end of the day, if you cat sneaks a lick of ice cream, it probably is nothing to worry about. Especially if it is plain ice cream.

    However if you do notice your cat sneaks a significant amount of ice cream you will want to monitor them for the next 24 hours.

    If your feline friend starts acting weird, call your vet immediately. You want to catch anything your cat is dealing with as early as possible.

    Food poisoning in cats is not something that can wait until morning.

    Can My Cat Eat Ice Cream

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