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Can I Give My Cats Kiwi?

    Can Cats Eat Kiwi?

    With summer here in full swing, fruit salad have become a staple in my diet.

    As with everything that I eat, my cats have to check in and see if THEY may want it too.

    I have done posts about apples, bananas, grapes, and more! But one thing in my fruit salad that I did not have was kiwis!

    So naturally, it hit me when my cats starting sniffing and licking around that I needed to add kiwis into the next Can Cats Eat section.

    Is Kiwi Safe For Cats?

    So are kiwis one of the fruits that are safe for cats? The good news is that yes, for the most part they are!

    Once a kiwi is peeled it is not harmful for your cats to eat.

    You do still want to be careful. Cats are mainly carnivores. Which means that while certain foods are safe for your cats to eat, you still want meat to be the main staple of their diet.

    I know a common thing people are doing now is making their own cat food.

    While that is AMAZING and great for your cat to make your own food. You can add kiwi in there from time to time but meat should still be the main component.

    Otherwise you risk your cat becoming overweight from too much sugar and not enough meat.

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    can cats eat kiwi

    Do Cats Like Kiwi?

    To answer this question is really hard for me to answer in a yes/no type of way.

    This is mainly because of my new kittens, Chloe and Zoe. I would make blanket statements like cats do not like apple cider, or cats won’t normal eat sweets because they can’t taste sweets.

    And then we have Chloe who will taste literally anything once, and Zoe who loves anything sweet I am eating.

    So will they like it? I am learning it will depend on the cat really. Like I said, cats can’t really taste sweets so the sweet of the kiwi may make your kitty not going back for seconds.

    But you could also have a cat that LOVES kiwi and it is their favorite treat.

    Honestly, you never know with cats, and since they don’t speak human…it’s really just a guessing game with each cat.

    What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Kiwi?

    The good news is that cats can eat kiwi. So if your cat does steal a kiwi from your fruit salad there’s really not a ton to worry about.

    The first time your cat eats kiwi, or the first few times really, you will still want to watch your cat.

    This is because, like humans, some cats can be slightly allergic to kiwis. I mean this to say, it will probably either upset your cats stomach, or cause diarrhea.

    I always like to tell people to watch how their cats react anytime you give them new food for the first 24 hours.

    It allows you to see if your cat is having a reaction and needs a vet, or if your cat is completely fine and is something that can be given to them as a treat here and there.

    You know your cat… so trust yourself.

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    Final Verdict: Can Cats Have Kiwi?

    Great news! Kiwi is not bad for cats! Yay!

    This is something that you can give to your kitties on a hot summer day.

    Just remember two important things. First, you want to make sure you give it to your cats in moderation.

    Second, make sure you watch how your specific cat reacts to kiwis.

    Just because your neighbors’ cats loves kiwis and eat them all the time, doesn’t mean your cat won’t get a belly ache from them. Each cat is different.

    So a little extra eyes the first day is a great way to see how your cat will react to this new exotic fruit.

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