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Can I Use Dove Soap On My Cat?

    There is really nothing quite like that clean feeling you get after a warm shower, or a cozy soak in the tub.

    As many cat owners know, cats do not feel that way about bath time.

    Most cats are not fans of baths, although they may enjoy watching water or watching you shower.

    And while cats are typically pretty clean animals, there are times when they get into a mess and it’s time to get them a bath.

    It could be a situation where you aren’t prepare with cat shampoo or the right supplies. But you do have soap!

    Can I use Dove soap on my cat? We got lots to cover on this topic and I’m sure you’ll find this interesting!

    The first thing we need to look at is soap

    Is soap actually toxic to cats? Or is soap safe to use on your cat?

    Is Soap Toxic To Cats?                                                                

    Let’s start with the most important question. Are human soaps toxic to cats? Most kinds of soap are toxic to cats because they have been designed for cleaning human skin rather than cats.

    Soap can strip the natural oils from your cat’s skin and these are important as they both nourish and protect the skin. If their skin gets dry, cats can suffer from flaky, irritated skin.

    And cats are not like humans where we can just lather ourselves in lotion when our skin gets dry.

    Human soap can also contain essential oil. Many essential oils are extremely toxic to cats and can cause breathing difficulties.

    And to make it worse, dog shampoo is also equally unsuitable for your kitty.

    In the case of an emergency when you need to clean your cat quickly, you can use Dove soap, baby soap or any other soap that is gentle and non-perfumed.

    These soaps are more neutral or have an alkaline pH which is better-suited to your cat’s skin, but these are still not ideal. 

    This should be only used as a very last resort and done in the most rare of circumstances. You do not want your cats skin to get dry.

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    Invest In Proper Cat Shampoo

    So now that we know our shampoo is not best for our cats, it’s time to stock up for next time. If you find that your cat is regularly managing to get themselves in a mess, it is well worth investing in some proper cat shampoo to have at the ready!

    The ideal and safest type of soap to use on your cat is one that has been specially designed for cats.

    The special formulation will have the correct pH balance for your cat’s skin to ensure that it is not dried or damaged.

    These products are available either as a conditioning shampoo or as a bar of soap. I personally prefer the shampoo style for cats as it can be easier to put on them rather than trying to lather up soap with an angry cat.

    If your cat is suffering with fleas, you can buy a special cat shampoo that will help you get rid of the fleas.

    Let’s be honest, like humans, there is a unique shampoo for each situation your cat is in.

    If you just need a simple shampoo for a dirty kitty, I typically recommend Burts Bees. It is great for most cats and gets them clean!

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    What Else Can You Wash Cats With?       

     If your cat really does not enjoy being washed with water, your local pet shop will have a couple of great alternatives – pre- moistened cat wipes, which are like baby wipes for felines and water-free shampoo which is a feline version of a dry shampoo.

    Make sure that the wipes you get, can still clean your cat and doesn’t just move the mess around. Some wipes can do that.

    What To Use Instead Of Cat Shampoo In An Emergency 

    If you need to give your cat a bath but don’t have cat shampoo/ soap, the next best alternative is Dawn dish soap.

    Dawn dish soap advertises that is can clean animals. It is gentle enough to use on your pet in an emergency and get them clean.  

    I would call out, not all dish soap is created equal. I would not recommend using dishsoap outside of Dawn. It goes back to the essential oils and chemicals in dish soap and how they will react to your cat’s skin.

    So let’s find out if you need to give your little kitty a bath

    Do I Need To Give My Cat a Bath?

    Technically, cats keep themselves remarkably clean, but sometimes if they are long-haired their coat can become matted or pelted.

    In this situation, washing their hair with a good conditioning cat shampoo can make a big difference.

    It is best to only do this every 4-6 weeks. Before you start washing your cat every week, try brushing them first. If that situation still happens, then it is time to start bathing your cats.

    When you have washed your cat, towel dry them quickly and do not let them outside until they are completely dry.

    If your cat allows it, use a warm hairdryer to help dry their hair. In the winter time, you can plop your cat in front of the fireplace and let them cuddle up.

    Hopefully, you will not need to give your cat a bath very often.

    If you can only have moments or spots where they get dirty, you can also wash them only in the dirty spot. (Like their bottoms).

    In the case of emergency, Dove soap, baby shampoo, Dawn dishsoap and other products can be used, but far better to have a bottle of cat shampoo in store…just in case…. 

    To Conclude

    Using dove soap on your cat is not ideal and is not recommended.

    You should only use cat shampoo that is specifically designed to be used on cats

    Yes, you could use dove but I would strongly recommend against using it

    Anyways, your cat is very clean as they spend 30% of their lifetime cleaning themselves

    If for some reason your cat needs a bath then use cat shampoo

    Let’s hope you don’t have to give your cat a bath because it can be nightmare. When our cats get their business on their tails, it is NEVER a fun time. But remember, it is only a few minutes of your life. You can do it!

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