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Cat Hammock Review

    Cat Hammock Review


    Does your cat have a favorite place to sleep? Does that place also double as a dual scratching post with a cat toy attached? No? Well then the cat hammock is just the thing if you want those features for your cat. The cat hammock  is the perfect cat accessory to provide a place to rest, play and scratch. This is what the next review will cover so read below if you think the cat hammock is something your cat would enjoy.

    Entertainment Value:

    The cat hammock is a great little perch for any cat parent to buy. It is a smaller version of the cat tree but will provides many of the things we associate with cat trees. The hammock gives a nice little spot for cats to perch in and most of the time fall asleep in.

    Zoe sleeps in our cat hammock every night and during the day for at least a few hours and our other cats most likely would do the same if they could get a nap in between the times Zoe uses it. The cats love the cozy feel of the hammock because it kind of closes up around them from below and cradles them in a very comforting way.

    Cats love that cradled and secure feeling which is replicated perfectly by this hammock. The hammock stand also doubles as a scratching post (or two in this case) wrapped in sisal for the cats to scratch instead of your furniture or you in some cases.

    The attached toy has long since been ripped away from our hammock but in its early day, the cats loved batting that ball around and now that it has since left the perch, they bat it around on the ground.

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    Ease of Use: 

    One of the distinct advantages of the cat hammock is its size in comparison to the cat tree or larger/taller perches. It can be easily lifted by pretty much anyone as it weighs just under 10 pounds.

    It can easily fit in a corner of a room as it takes up less than 2 square feet (about the size of an average kitchen chair). Another advantage of the cat hammock is if you have just one cat (crazy as it may seem some people have just one). The single hammock makes it ideal for your cat so you don’t have to buy a huge cat tree to handle multiple cats.

    If you want to spoil your single cat or if you have multiple cats, check out the review of the cat tree (link here).


    The amount of sisal wrapped posts, perches and toys you get for a cat tree are great and for the cost it is also very worthwhile but the cat hammock is just as reasonably priced. You do not get as many bells and whistles with the cat hammock but that is not the reason you buy it.

    The cat hammock is great for one cat owners and is a great way for multi-cat owners to supplement their cat tree or other perches with a reasonably priced cat hammock. It is hard for me to put a price on this when it is relatively inexpensive based on the length of use you get out of it.

    Unlike our cat tree, cat hammock is also used every day and still has held up better than the cat tree. For the price it is definitely a good buy.

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    Final Verdict: 

    The cat hammock is a great addition to any cat owner’s home.

    It is great for the one cat owner because it gives them a cheap way to add a smaller perch but a perch nonetheless to their home. For multi-cat owners, it is a great addition to other perches or trees as it is in our house. The cats get great use out of it and love to sleep and rest in it.

    They scratch the posts of the hammock all the time instead of the chair right next to it which is good for us as cat owners because it saves our furniture. The hammock is a great value for the price as well because it lasts so long for the price you initially pay.

    I would highly recommend this cat hammock for use in your home so buy it today and help make you and your cats happy.

    Cat’s Verdict:

    As stated earlier in this review, our cats (or cat, Zoe mostly) love this cat hammock because it is just the right size to fit them when they curl up. It cradles them perfectly and gives them a great place to sleep. They love scratching it and playing with the attached toy even though it is ripped off but the main reason they love it is the comfort it brings them.

    This is the biggest reason they like this hammock so much. It’s cozy and comfortable and they keep coming back to sleep in it.

    If I am right, your cats will love it just as much as ours do. If you want to check out other cat products, check out 6 Cat Products To Be Buying From Amazon.

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