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6 Cat Products You Need to Be Buying From Amazon in 2023

    My favorite picks:

    Best Cat Litter: Arm & Hammer Platinum Cat Litter

    “Easy to clean with no leftover mess, this cat litter is one of the best for covering cat odor”

    Best Canned Cat Food: Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers

    “For picky cats, the only wet food they keep coming back to is Fancy Feast”

    Top Dry Cat Food: Purina Pro Plan

    “Indoor cats need food that keeps them healthy, weight control, and still gain the interests of cats. For us, that’s Purina Pro Plan.”

    Top Cat Toys : Catnip Banana

    “I cannot recommend this toy enough! Your cats will be entertained for hours!”

    Top Cat Treats: Temptations Cat Treats

    “Cat treats are great for training cats. Temptations is our favorite go to cat treat.”

    Other Recommendations: Cat Pheromones

    “Pheromones are great for helping your cat feel calm in new places, and for a household with multiples cats.”

    There are only so many hours in the day. With the hours being spent on work, housework, and remaining sane, there’s not many left in a day.

    That means there is only so much time for you to spend with your kitties. And that time is shortened even more when you have to run to the store and get them the things that you both need.

    And when it comes to cat products, there are certainly necessities for your dear kitten. So let’s talk about some unique cat products that are essential for cat owners.

    As I’ve said before, the intent of this blog is to be a resource that you can come to, get your information in one place, log off and be done. You can spend less time on the internet and more time loving on your cats. The same is true for buying things for them.

    One of the main areas most litters focus on, for good reason, is odor control or elimination. Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Litter does a phenomenal job at eliminating odor from the very start. Every time one of the cats uses the litter box, there is almost no smell even right after using it. 

    Read Full Review Here:  Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

    Our cats are boujee! They now require a variety between Gravy Lovers and Seafood. This week. The great thing about the variety pack is we can see what their favorites are and get more or less as their interests change. Spoiled kitties…I know.

     Purina Indoor Cat Chow has weight prevention, hairball control, and apparently a great taste. We have to give them small portions multiple times a day and they go RUNNING to the food bowls when they hear it opening.

    Read Full Review Here: Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Review

    Out of my four cats, my parent’s cat, and three of my friends cats, all have LOVED the catnip banana.

    My kittens will even reach their head in their toy basket and grab the bananas when I put them away. Sometimes you just need a banana to get you through the day.

    Read Full Review Here:  CatNip Banana Review

    The kitties love temptations treats, in practically all the flavors. The best thing is you can get them in giant containers which are pretty low in cost.

    As I have said before, pheromones help keep cats calm and feel that their scent is all around the house. This prevents them from feeling that they need to rub everything and put their scent on things.

    It is also extremely helpful when you are moving from one place to another, or if you are going to be gone for extended periods of time. I usually always make sure I have pheromones whenever we move because it helps keeps the cats calm during the move.

    Read Full Review Here: Feliway’s Cat Pheromone Review

    8 thoughts on “6 Cat Products You Need to Be Buying From Amazon in 2023”

    1. Hi, im David, president of F.D.InnoVations inc. Im also co-creator of the SpreadZtrap by DzelCat. We think our product should be on your listing for best cat litter mat because we are AWESOME. lol kidding. Our product is unique and very different from the competition.
      I want to share a informative sheet with you so you can see by yourself. We are list on amazon .com presently so i can give you a coupon and make you buy the product so it will be delivered to your door.
      Thank you looking forward for feedback.

      1. livelongandpawspurr

        Thanks for this comment! I have never heard of them, I’ll have to try this out! 🙂

      2. Tabitha Johnson

        Thank you Amanda going to try this out on mine see if they like it especially miss kitty haven’t found a wet food she likes just lunch meat lol

    2. Tabitha Johnson

      Well thankfully I typically use most of all of your same products I’ve got picky cats and I’ve got not picky cats three things different unlocking the pheromones I’m lacking the toy I refuse to use clumping litter anymore Pine pellets work way better and much cheaper $5 for a gigantic bag at the TSC Farm & Fleet my house never smells like cat feces the worst it ever smells is like a gerbil cage that’s dirty learned that from a lady on YouTube calls herself the Martha Stewart of kitty litter LOL and I agree she is I live in a hotel suite people think I have birds and gerbils in here not cats and a dog it gives me a good laugh all the time all I can ever smell is Pine pellets and that’s all they can never smell wants to be honry I waited a whole entire week to completely change out the pellets nobody realized that they work at people swore I had well like I said gerbils or birds or something except for those that don’t like smelling kitty litter or their feces I highly advise and recommend you try Pine pellets you can acquire them for a very large bag for 499 at the TSC Farm and Fleet in the equine section animal bedding horse bedding that sort of area

      1. Pine is toxic to cats and pine pellets will cancer if used over time.

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