6 Cat Products You Need to Be Buying From Amazon in 2021

There are only so many hours in the day. With the hours being spent on work, housework, and remaining sane, there’s not many left in a day.

That means there is only so much time for you to spend with your kitties. And that time is shortened even more when you have to run to the store and get them the things that you both need.

And when it comes to cat products, there are certainly necessities for your dear kitten. So let’s talk about some unique cat products that are essential for cat owners.

As I’ve said before, the intent of this blog is to be a resource that you can come to, get your information in one place, log off and be done. You can spend less time on the internet and more time loving on your cats. The same is true for buying things for them.


Before you go any further, I want to try something.

I want to you see if you can guess that best cats products of 2021 that I recommend people to be buying on Amazon.

With everything going on this year, we could all use something simple in our lives. And chances are we already have something in our Amazon cart!

See if you can guess all the awesome things for your cat. If you think you can, and are correct, let me know in the comments below.

Depending on how many of you get them correct, I may offer a freebie to the ones who are correct or read this all the way.

How many of you already have Amazon orders coming to your house? Or have items in your shopping cart on Amazon that you’re waiting for the free shipping to place that order?

Many of us tend to go to Amazon Prime to order our own products, so why not do the same for our animals? Amazon has so many different cat products to offer, the possibilities can be endless!

People have always been finding ways to become more efficient. You can have your groceries delivered, you can have fast food delivered, there are people who can come and drive you around.

Why not the same for the animals?

Amazon for Cat Products

Well, the great news is that there is, in fact, something that exists.

Amazon has the option where you can ‘subscribe and save’. This means you get a discounted, fixed-rate price for these products.

In addition, you can pick how often you want to have these must have cat products. No more do you have to run out to the store at 8 pm because you’re at of wet cat food and you know the cat won’t stop meowing until they get it.

(Trust me, been there. Done that).

Now we just get it delivered to our door, and the cats no longer are annoyed with us. (Except of course if we get a flavor they don’t feel like that day, because of cats).

So, I wanted to share with you the cat gadgets in 2020 that I get from Amazon’s subscribe and save option that makes my life easier. This allows me to spend more time playing with my cats rather than searching for different toys or food that they may like that doesn’t cost a ton.

Why do you spend less time searching the internet for cat products, and see what I use? Don’t worry, I also provide other options, because just because my cats like it, doesn’t mean all cats do.

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Cat Litter.

You use it, you love it, you scoop it. And if you are like me, you hate buying it and usually forget it at the store.

I remember living in an apartment on the second floor. There is nothing quite like carrying two 20 pound cat litter containers up a flight of stairs.

This was actually the first thing I started to buy on Amazon, and where I found the ‘Subscribe and Save’ Option.

I get the cat litter sent to my house every two months, and it comes in packs of two. I look at the grocery store every time I am there, and over half the time, the price is more expensive at the grocery.

Now I never have to pick and chose when I can get the litter because it is on sale, or not on sale.

Our Top Ranking Cat Litter

So which one do I use?

Well right now, I love to get Tidy Cats delivered to my house. My cats like it, it is easy for me to scoop up, and the smell is very manageable.

The Tidy Cats that I use I show above, you can actually just click the link, or image to see the exact option I use.

The other options that can be found on Amazon are Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum, or Fresh Step Scented Litter with Febreze. These are rated just as high by customer reviews as the Tidy Cats as offers different qualities that Tidy Cats may not.

I currently have not tried Arm & Hammer or Fresh Step, since the ease of subscribing to Tidy Cats is so simple, but from the customer reviews I’ve done about these two, I may just have to try them out.

You can find the options in the links above for those two cat litters. Those are my top two alternatives right now, but if I find any others, I like better I will continue to update this.

2020 Update: A lovely reader reached out to me and let me know they are a HUGE fan of Arm & Hammer! And I keep forgetting to get cat litter since it is just subscribed so I have too much right now to justify buying even more! But thank you reader for your input!

2021 Update: Our cats are boujee! They now require a variety between Gravy Lovers and Seafood. This week. The great thing about the variety pack is we can see what their favorites are and get more or less as their interests change. Spoiled kitties…I know.

Dry food is a tricky subject in our household. Why? Because of Phoebe. She tends to shed more than most cats, even with a lot of brushing. This means she is more susceptible to hairballs. She needs cat food that she likes, that also prevents hairballs.

We have tried so many different brands and usually can tell they don’t work by being awoken to her hacking and a nice lump of hairball/food mixture (too much information, sorry) on the floor.

However, we have been very lucky to find a brand that she not only likes, but doesn’t give her hairballs. And best of all, Wobbles also likes it! It’s really a win/win situation.

My Top Dry Cat Food

To no surprise, it is the Purina Indoor Cat Chow. This has weight prevention, hairball control, and apparently a great taste. Obviously, I don’t know that personally since I have not tasted it, but the cats seem to like it.

Our back up is usually Friskies Gravy, though we have to be careful with how much we feed her of that. If we don’t mix in the Purina every so often, she will get the occasional hairball. So as much as I like variety, I prefer a healthy, happy Phoebe first.

I have also heard wonderful reviews about Royal Canin, though I have not tried it out myself. What I have heard is that it is easy on the cat’s stomachs, they seem to like it, and does not have a lot of preservatives. The only downside that I seem to hear about it is it can be on the pricier side, so that will come down to how your cat likes the various dry food.

The first three options may have been more obvious, but what if while you’re ordering cat food for your babies, you could also get some toys for them that they like? You know, some cute kitten things.

That is less time you have to spend searching the internet for good toys for your babies and more time actually playing with them!

I have a crazy helpful tip that I need to share with you guys. There is this toy that my cats are OBSESSED with. And I do not say that lightly. Wobbles will carry this toy around from room to room and has gone through almost two already because she loves it so much.

All of the Cat Toys!

In fact, I have even gotten Phoebe to play with this toy, and she is not one for playing. So what is this toy? It is actually called a cat dancer. The best thing about it? The cost! It is so cheap, so simple but my cats go CRAZY for this dangling cat toy! There is also an option to get one with a catnip-filled mouse at the bottom. You can save money, save time, and get a toy that you can use to play with your cats and keep them entertained when you’re sick of playing.

If you are not a big fan of the cat dancer, lucky for you, there are so many other options on toys you can get. Lasers, interactive toys, or plush toys. If I want to give the girls another toy, I always love to give them plush toys that have catnip inside. It gives them something to play with on their own without that sometimes being one of my socks.

Moving right along, and kind of going back to the food portion of cat products, treats.

My thought process is, if you’re getting food, litter, and toys for your cat, why not add some dessert in there for them as well?

You can compare prices, get free shipping, and get the exact treats you want for your cat.

Just like their momma, my cats are not picky when it comes to treats. There are some that they like more than others. But if you lay down treats, they will not go uneaten.

The Kitties Favorite Cat Treats

The girls love temptations treats, in practically all the flavors. The best thing is you can get them in giant containers which are pretty low in cost. When they are sick of the temptation flavors, I like to mix it up with Purina’s Whisker Lickin‘. This kind is a soft, chewy treat that provides a different texture compared to their dry, crispy temptation treats.

When I decided to start adding treats onto my cat products Amazon list, it was mostly out of a lump sum decision. It was one less thing I had to think about at the grocery store, and I could pick and choose which flavors or brand I wanted this week. Luckily, the girls are not too picky when it comes to treats so it was more of a personal decision rather than a requirement.

Last, but certainly not least is Pheromones.

Okay, maybe they are kind of least on the list, mostly because they are the last things I decided to purchase on Amazon when it came to cat products.

I will admit that sometimes I am a baby cat mom when it comes to Pheromones.

As I have said before, pheromones help keep cats calm and feel that their scent is all around the house. This prevents them from feeling that they need to rub everything and put their scent on things.

It is also extremely helpful when you are moving from one place to another, or if you are going to be gone for extended periods of time. I usually always make sure I have pheromones whenever we move because it helps keeps the cats calm during the move.

Pheromone Cat Momma

This is where the bad momma side of me comes out. When I am at a house for a long period of time, I will sometimes forget to freshen up their pheromones. I know my cats are happy and relaxed in their current environment. Which is why I am not always great about keeping them filled.

Luckily, when I got them on Amazon this most recent time, I saw the option to subscribe and save. This means that now I can have the pheromones come to my house every 4-6 months. No longer do I have to worry about forgetting to pick them up. They just show up at my doorstep around the time they need to be changed. This makes my life so much easier in the long run, and probably for some happier cats.


Do I spoil my cat? Probably! Okay, yes! But I don’t have to go to the store to spoil my cats!

Well, those are my top six recommendations when it comes to buying cat products. These are things that I use in my everyday life with cats, and that my cats like.

It saves me time each week to not be shopping for them, stressing about which things to buy and when. And allows me to spend more time playing with my cats with their new toys.

Like I’ve said before, these are just the products that I use now. I always love to hear the suggestions of others and always update my posts when I find something new and exciting, so continue to be on the lookout!

Hey readers! Did any of you get all six correct?!? More importantly, how many of you actually saw the question being asked?!?! Let me know below!

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    1. Thank you Amanda going to try this out on mine see if they like it especially miss kitty haven’t found a wet food she likes just lunch meat lol

  2. Well thankfully I typically use most of all of your same products I’ve got picky cats and I’ve got not picky cats three things different unlocking the pheromones I’m lacking the toy I refuse to use clumping litter anymore Pine pellets work way better and much cheaper $5 for a gigantic bag at the TSC Farm & Fleet my house never smells like cat feces the worst it ever smells is like a gerbil cage that’s dirty learned that from a lady on YouTube calls herself the Martha Stewart of kitty litter LOL and I agree she is I live in a hotel suite people think I have birds and gerbils in here not cats and a dog it gives me a good laugh all the time all I can ever smell is Pine pellets and that’s all they can never smell wants to be honry I waited a whole entire week to completely change out the pellets nobody realized that they work at people swore I had well like I said gerbils or birds or something except for those that don’t like smelling kitty litter or their feces I highly advise and recommend you try Pine pellets you can acquire them for a very large bag for 499 at the TSC Farm and Fleet in the equine section animal bedding horse bedding that sort of area

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