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Amazon Cat Tree Review

    Cat Tree Review


    Where does your cat perch? Does your cat have scratching post?

    Does your cat love to climb? These are questions that can be answered with one single product.

    This next item up for review is both an accessory and a toy. This cat tree  is a perch and plaything for our cats. This tree is mostly for our cats but there are a few things that can be reviewed on your behalf. For other items of interest for your cats see the best amazon items for your cat.

    Entertainment Value:

    This cat tree is one of the best purchases we have made (we have bought two of them).

    The cats love climbing up and down this cat tree and love perching in it every day. The cats are always chasing each other and many times they chase each other up and down the cat tree. Many of the attachments (ropes, nets, or hammocks) are used daily by the cats for either play or perching.

    Almost every night, Phoebe can be found in the perch of one of the cat trees when it is time for bed. All the other cats also spend a lot of time perching and sleeping on the cat tree. Zoe and Wobbles especially loves sleeping in the small basket on the tree and sleep in it all the time.

    The tree is also coated in sisal and is used for the cats to scratch which gives them double the posts to scratch in our house since we have two of them.

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    Ease of Use: 

    One thing about the cat trees is that they are slightly larger than the average scratching post.

    It will take up about a 3’x3’ area and can range from 3’ to 5’ tall depending on how tall you would like to build it. Speaking of building, the instructions from Amazon are very easy to follow and the assembly is easily done in an hour or so depending on your handy you are.

    Once it is assembled, it can be a bit of a hinderance to move around the house. It can also be a bit of a hassle to move between apartments/houses if you are moving without a moving company.


    The cat tree is quite reasonably priced as it can usually range depending on additional features or height that can be added to the tree.

    The number of add-ons and the height of the cat tree is about average and so is the price on an average day. There area deals out there were the price will drop so keep an eye out for those.

    There are deals on Amazon which is where we do most of our shopping and that makes it very convenient for delivery to your front door.

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    Final Verdict: 

    This cat tree is a must have for any cat owner that has cats that love to climb and scratch. It is a great distraction for scratching cats and gives them an outlet to scratch something other than your furniture. It is also a great place for your cats to perch and sleep.

    Not only is this cat tree easy to assemble, it is also reasonably priced. What more can you ask for a one or two time (depending on how many you buy) purchase over the course of 3-4 years?

    It is entertaining for your cats, does not cost an arm and a leg and is easily ordered, delivered and assembled.

    Cat’s Verdict:

    The cat’s verdict should be self-explanatory.

    They love this cat tree. our kitties spend every day ither scratching it, climbing it or sleeping in it. They chase each other up and down it. We had to put a weight on it to stop them from knocking it over when they would run/climb up it after jumping on it or when they would take a diving leap off of it. This is there favorite toy/perch/scratching post.

    No other toy gets as much attention as their tree except for maybe the catnip banana (see link). If you have not already done so, get your cat a cat tree now. They will continue to love you forever.


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