can I give my cat apples

Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Food Review

Introduction: When it comes to finding kitten food, it can be one of the hardest things to figure out with your cats. Especially making sure kittens get the nutrients they need. Sure, they will be happy with any box that toys you get them come in, and they will honestly “go” wherever there is litter for them to cover up. But finding a food that agrees with your energetic kitten’s… Read More »Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Food Review

can I give my cat apples

What Foods Can Cats Taste?

What Food Can Cats Taste? So we have talked about what foods cats can and cannot eat. And while there are a lot of foods that are safe for cats to eat, the next question to ask is, what foods can cats taste? Like humans, cats are responsive to four basic tastes: sour, bitter, salt, and sweet. Being strict carnivores, their response to “sweet” is much weaker than ours. Though… Read More »What Foods Can Cats Taste?

9 Amazing Facts about Tortoiseshell Cats

Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats Much like calico cats, tortoiseshell cats have some pretty interesting genetics. Tortoiseshell cats are named for their bi-colored coats that look like the shell of a tortoise. Affectionately referred to as “torties,” these colorful kitties are favorite pets in many homes. Thanks to a number of genetic mutations, their coats develop with almost marbled patterns.   Whether you’re considering adopting a tortoiseshell or just want to learn more about these… Read More »9 Amazing Facts about Tortoiseshell Cats

can cats eat strawberries

10 Fun Facts About Black Cats

I am not even going to try and hide my bias in this post, especially black cat facts. I am a sucker for black cats. Whether you are a cat owner or not, we can all agree that no other domesticated cat has a rap quite like black cats. Unfortunately, black cats are typically associated with Halloween, witchcraft, and bad luck, and lead to people being just cruel to them. If… Read More »10 Fun Facts About Black Cats