Can Cats Eat?

Can Cats Eat Lasagna?

Can Cats Eat Lasagna? When it comes to foods that we eat, and foods that cat can eat…I feel like most questions are very plain foods. It is things like apples, cheese, bread, and so many more. But what about when we put all of those fun things together and make one of our favorite dishes? So let’s talk about cats and lasagna today! Is Lasagna Safe For Cats? Can… Read More »Can Cats Eat Lasagna?

Can I Give My Cats Kiwi?

Can Cats Eat Kiwi? With summer here in full swing, fruit salad have become a staple in my diet. As with everything that I eat, my cats have to check in and see if THEY may want it too. I have done posts about apples, bananas, grapes, and more! But one thing in my fruit salad that I did not have was kiwis! So naturally, it hit me when my… Read More »Can I Give My Cats Kiwi?

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Can Cats Eat Jelly?

Can Cats Eat Jelly? Peanut butter, jelly time…peanut butter jelly time! Jelly has become a staple to my diet recently. And like all other foods I have written about in my ‘Can Cats Eat’ series, my cats have had to try almost everything. Which has me now writing the next topic, can cats have jelly? Is Jelly Safe For Cats? So in terms of if jelly is safe for cats… Read More »Can Cats Eat Jelly?

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Can My Cat Eat Whipped Cream?

Can Cats Have Whipped Cream? For those that read my posts in order, you are probably wondering if I am on a diet based on my posts. First I asked if cats can eat ice cream, and now whipped cream? Okay, yes, I am craving some sweets. But hey! These are definitely questions I have asked myself in the past! Is Whipped Cream Safe For Cats? So, is this tasty… Read More »Can My Cat Eat Whipped Cream?

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Can I Give My Cat Ice Cream?

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream? As the days are getting warmer, our foods start to change. One thing I have noticed I have been eating more lately is Ice Cream. And to no surprise as I eat more ice cream, my cats are interested in the tasty treat. But can they even eat this? Is Ice Cream Safe For Cats? In terms of ice cream, the answer to the safety… Read More »Can I Give My Cat Ice Cream?