Can Cats Eat?

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? Chocolate might be one of your favorite treats and recent studies have shown dark chocolate is healthy in moderation. You may have heard that chocolate is poisonous for dogs, but what about cats? Can cats eat chocolate? Can chocolate be good treat for your cat? How much is too much?  Can a cat eat chocolate? In short the answer to all is simple, NO! All caps,… Read More »Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

can cats have coconut

Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Can Cats Eat Popcorn? If your household is anything like mine, you have attempted to quietly open a bag of popcorn and enjoy it before your little feline friend comes bolting at you to share. Anyone else is the same boat. If so, then you’ve caught yourself wondering, is it okay for my cat to eat popcorn? Is popcorn safe for cats? When I first thought about it, like many… Read More »Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin?

Can Cats Have Pumpkin? Continuing onto our can cats eat section, this food was a question I heard a lot of interesting talk about, can cats eat pumpkin? People seem to be drastically different in their thoughts on whether or not cats can eat pumpkin. Is Pumpkin Safe For Cats? While it’s best they don’t eat that pumpkin, canned organic pumpkin (unsweetened – not pie filling), pumpkin seeds, and cooked… Read More »Can Cats Eat Pumpkin?

Can cats eat coconut? can cats have coconut milk

Can Cats Have Coconut?

Can Cats Have Coconut? I love food. I’m also deep in a diet for our upcoming wedding. As my pathetic attempt for sweets a few nights ago, I grabbed shredded coconut. The kittens of course, wanted to see what I had, and it made me question this again, can cats have coconut? Are coconuts safe for cats? Can my cat have coconuts? If your feline friends are anything like mine,… Read More »Can Cats Have Coconut?

Can Cats Eat Almonds?

  Can Cats Eat Almonds? After writing two other articles to see if cats can eat honey and if cats can eat bacon, I started wondering. What other foods are safe and or unsafe for cats? Which leads us into the next topic, after almonds safe for cats? Nuts are known for being extremely healthy for humans and provide a great source of fats for our diets. Almonds are the… Read More »Can Cats Eat Almonds?