Cat Adoption

10 Common Questions For New Kitten Owners

  10 Common Questions For New Kitten Owners I am what I humbly like to consider a new cat owner connoisseur. Kidding of course. But as someone who has brought five cats into my household (and one into my parents), adopting a kitten is a walk in the park for me. BUT! Was it that way in the beginning? Absolutely not! If you knew how many questions I had when… Read More »10 Common Questions For New Kitten Owners

The Surprising Truth About My First Foster Kitten

Ever think about fostering a cat? Listen to my story about fostering my first cat and see the true and raw emotions that go on through each of the steps of the fostering process. I wish I had something like this when I first started fostering.

Why You Should Not Get a Cat

Thinking about adopting a cat? Make sure you read these six tips that will help future and potential cat owners know if they are truly ready to bring a new kitten home to their family.

Which Cat Gender Is ACTUALLY Best?!

So you are thinking of getting a cat, or you already have a cat and your curiosity is just killing you. (See what I did there? I wait for the groaning to stop). For many people, the process of getting a cat comes with stages. The first stage is deciding whether or not to get a cat, the next stage is determining WHERE you will adopt your new cat from, and next is deciding on breed and gender.

how to acclimate a new kitten into your home

7 Helpful Tips For Introducing A New Kitten To Your Home

You got a new cat?! That is wonderful! Hopefully, you have done all the research needed before adopting and all you are waiting on now is to take the cute little kitten home. That hard part is over right?! Eh… not really! You are in a slight limbo where you have picked out your new family member and are just waiting to take them home. So what’s next you may be asking?! What could you have possibly forgotten?!