Cat Behavior

Why Are Cats Tongues Rough?

Why Are Cats Tongues Rough? Cats are cute from their head down to their toes. And that includes their cute little tongues as well. Often, we only see cats tongues for a handful of reasons. Grooming themselves, drinking, and if you cat is really relaxed…sleeping. So why do cats tongues feel so rough? Well they are for a couple of reasons. First, is for grooming purposes. For cats, grooming is… Read More »Why Are Cats Tongues Rough?

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Why Do Cats Like Boxes? Cats are funny creatures, aren’t they? Have you ever noticed you spent a lot of money on an awesome toy for your cat, only for them to get more use of the box to toy came in rather than the toy itself? You are not alone. Cats tend to be strangely drawn to boxes, using them as hiding spots, strategic sneak attack locations, or makeshift… Read More »Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Why Do Cats Eat Grass? Cats and grass are such an odd combination. Especially if you have an only indoor cat. If they get outside every once in a while, you may catch them eating and chewing on the grass. While there is no proven single reason why cats enjoy eating grass, there are some assumptions. The good news is that in general, if your cat is eating grass, it… Read More »Why Do Cats Eat Grass?