Cat Behavior

Why Are Some Cats More Talkative Than Others?

Why Are Some Cats More Talkative Than Others? I was absolutely spoiled with my first cat. She had an upper respiratory infection when I got her that affected her meow. Which meant, for the most part, she really didn’t meow much. With the other three, each one definitely meowed. And each one had their own reasons for meowing. Between the meows, chirps, and chatter, it can be tough to hold… Read More »Why Are Some Cats More Talkative Than Others?

10 Weird Cat Behavior Explained

Cat Behavior Explained Cats are amazing creatures. Sometimes we think we completely understand them, then other times we can’t seem to figure them out. Good news, you’re not alone. Let’s talk about some of the top 10 weird cat behaviors that cats do, and the different things they mean. (Or maybe mean, I mean…it’s an educated guess in all honesty). 1. Cat Rolling Over This one is one that got… Read More »10 Weird Cat Behavior Explained

15 Ways To Tell Your Cat is Happy

15 Signs Your Cat Is Happy Every cat owner wants to make sure they have a happy cat. We give them toys, they play with the box. And like every cat owner, it can be hard to tell if they are happy. One minute they’re rubbing up against you, the next they’re hiding in the closet. They like to do things on their terms only.   With all this mixed… Read More »15 Ways To Tell Your Cat is Happy

can I give my cat apples

What Foods Can Cats Taste?

What Food Can Cats Taste? So we have talked about what foods cats can and cannot eat. And while there are a lot of foods that are safe for cats to eat, the next question to ask is, what foods can cats taste? Like humans, cats are responsive to four basic tastes: sour, bitter, salt, and sweet. Being strict carnivores, their response to “sweet” is much weaker than ours. Though… Read More »What Foods Can Cats Taste?

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sad

How To Tell A Cat is Sad Every cat has its own personality, which means some will seem more reserved while others are more outgoing. While it’s hard to tell if your shy cat is sad, an outgoing cat is something that is easier to identify. When a typical outgoing and social cat suddenly becomes withdrawn and quiet, it can be a scary feeling. In most cases, cat owners have… Read More »How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sad