Cat Behavior

Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers?

Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers? When it comes to cats, laser pointers are one of the first things you think about. For something so small and scentless, that little red dot sure can keep cats busy—in spite of the fact that they never really can catch it. So why do cats chase lasers, is it good for their healthy, and is it time to ditch the laser in favor… Read More »Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers?

Do Cats Know Their Names?

Do Cats Know Their Names? There is really nothing cuter than when you get home from a long day, and call your pet to have them come running to the door. But do cats understand when we call their specific names? The awesome truth is in fact, cats do actually listen when their names are called. Cats Pay Attention to Us  Cats are built to be paying attention to everything… Read More »Do Cats Know Their Names?

cat off bed

Do Cats Dream?

Do Cats Dream? The most common things that cats do is sleep. I have three sleeping cats around me as I am writing this. If they are the mood for a cat nap, your kitty will plop down wherever they pleases, such as on your lap (or laptop, if they wants your attention) or a cozy spot in the sun. Your cat depends on these quick snoozes to re-energize and… Read More »Do Cats Dream?

How To Make A Balcony Safe For Cats

How To Cat Proof Your Balcony So many people automatically assume that their cats are safe on their balconies. Cats get stuck in trees all the time, and they always land on their feet right?! The sad fact is that that is not always true. Cats can injure themselves falling from great heights, and in severe cases, even die. Allowing your cat on the balcony can cause additional issues such… Read More »How To Make A Balcony Safe For Cats

How To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy

How To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy There is a lot of controversy around whether or not cats should be indoor or outdoor cats. Some people think it is not fair to keep cats inside all day everyday, and other thinks it is not safe to let your cat outside to prevent them from running away. Personally I am somewhere in the middle. My cats go outside, on leashes, supervised.… Read More »How To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy