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9 Amazing Facts about Tortoiseshell Cats

Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats Much like calico cats, tortoiseshell cats have some pretty interesting genetics. Tortoiseshell cats are named for their bi-colored coats that look like the shell of a tortoise. Affectionately referred to as “torties,” these colorful kitties are favorite pets in many homes. Thanks to a number of genetic mutations, their coats develop with almost marbled patterns.   Whether you’re considering adopting a tortoiseshell or just want to learn more about these… Read More »9 Amazing Facts about Tortoiseshell Cats

Pixie Bob Cats : The Complete Guide

All About Pixie Bob Cats Continuing on with the cat breed series, let’s dive into some more unique cat breeds. Today’s being Pixie Bob Cats. This is a cat that I am sure you have seen in passing. This domestic breed looks unique and has a personality to match! What is a Pixie Bob Cat? A Pixie-Bob is a domestic cat breed that looks very similar to the well-known bobcat.… Read More »Pixie Bob Cats : The Complete Guide

All About Persian Cats

The Complete Guide to Persian Cats

Persian Cats At A Glance: Lifespan: 12-17 Years Weight:7-12 lbs Eye Color: Varies Coat: Long and Thick Length: 10-15 Inches Personality: Docile and Elegant All About Persian Cats Have a new Persian cat? Learn everything you need to know about them here! Or asking yourself, ‘How can I tell if I have a Persian Cat?’, fear not! Let this be the complete guide to this cat breed! History Behind Persian… Read More »The Complete Guide to Persian Cats