Cat Breeds

All About Serval Cats

Introduction Continuing on with our cat breeds is one that I found extremely interesting! That breed is Serval Cats!  This was a cat that was requested by a reader because they were debating getting one. So, I am mixing it up a little bit today. I will still mention the history and lifespan of this breed, but I also wanted to dive a little bit deeper into topics that I… Read More »All About Serval Cats


All About Calico Cats

All About Calico Cats   Calico cats are an interesting cat that seem to lead to a lot of misunderstandings about them. I wanted to talk about the myths that a lot of people seem to have about calico cats and then debunk them. I also want to share some fun facts about calico cats that many of you may not know. In fact, there were a large number of… Read More »All About Calico Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats Let’s continue with the cat breeds by talking about one of the most popular and well known cat breeds ever, the Siamese Cat breeds.What is actually really funny is whenever I think of Siamese Cats, I think of Lady and the Tramp and the cats singing, ‘I am Siamese if you pleeeease’. Anyways, let’s do the basics of the cat breed posts.… Read More »Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Norwegian Forest Cats

But the breed series is back! And we are talking about a breed that is very special to me today. That breed is Norwegian Forest Cat. This breed is not commonly known because they are often mistaken with Maine Coons, American Shorthairs, or just overweight cats.