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why does my cat sleep on me

Pet Water Fountain Review

    Pet Water Fountain Review Introduction: Does your cat drink enough water? Are you getting tired of seeing the full bowl of water for a few days because your cat isn’t interested in drinking? This product is a great way to hopefully get your cat to drink more water plus it looks nice too. The Veken Pet Fountain is a great way to give your pet water in a more unique… Read More »Pet Water Fountain Review

    World’s Best Cat Litter Review

       SWorld’s Best Cat Litter Review Introduction: World’s Best sounds like a great title for pretty much any product. Today we will put that to the test in the review of the World’s Best Cat Litter. As in previous reviews, we look at certain categories and see how it performs compared to other litters. Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal is the go-to litter in our house so all reviews… Read More »World’s Best Cat Litter Review

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      Karaseno Cat Training Tape Review

        Karaseno Cat Training Tape Review Introduction: Does your cat scratch things like furniture or the carpet? Do you have scratching posts but they still scratch the furniture? You are not alone if this is the case. There is a simple yet effective product our there called Karaseno Cat Training Tape . This review will cover its effectiveness, price, ease of use and other things you might want to know about… Read More »Karaseno Cat Training Tape Review

        Cat Hammock Review

          Cat Hammock Review Introduction:  Does your cat have a favorite place to sleep? Does that place also double as a dual scratching post with a cat toy attached? No? Well then the cat hammock is just the thing if you want those features for your cat. The cat hammock  is the perfect cat accessory to provide a place to rest, play and scratch. This is what the next review will… Read More »Cat Hammock Review

          why does my cat sleep on me

          Temptations Cat Treats Review

            Temptations Cat Treats Review   Introduction: Cat treats are used by all cat owners (or at least they should be) to give their cats a bit of a something different aside from their regular food. It is basically the equivalent of a cookie for your cats. There are so many different treats out there and most of them I assume taste better than their regular food. So how do you… Read More »Temptations Cat Treats Review