Why Do Cats Meow In the Morning?

Why Does My Cat Meow in The Morning? Introduction Continuing on with our question series is a funny one I was asked by a friend. She goes up to me and said, ‘I have a bone to pick. My cat LOVES to meow in the morning. Why does she do that?’ I laughed and gave her my answer. After I answered her, I started thinking about the question. Why Do… Read More »Why Do Cats Meow In the Morning?

Why Do Cats Lick?

Introduction Why Do Cats Lick? This is a question that I get asked a lot. Cats are known for being clean animals, but not nearly as affectionate as dogs. Dogs lick you as a way to show their love and affection for you. Basically, a way to give you kisses. But cats aren’t always know for that. Yet, we will still see instances where a cat is licking themselves, licking… Read More »Why Do Cats Lick?

What Colors Can Cats See?

Introduction When it comes to cats, there are a lot of myths that seems to circulate about them. That’s were I come in. My goal is to find these myths that many people still seem to believe and find out of they are true or not. Kind of like a myth buster of cats. Today’s myth, let’s talk about what colors cats see. I have started debunking some myths like,… Read More »What Colors Can Cats See?

Christmas Safety Tips For Cats

Introduction With Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure the decorations are probably out in the house. The only problem is some of these new items could be toxic for your kitty without you even knowing it. So today I wanted to talk about ways to keep your cat safe during the holiday season Christmas Safety – Identifying Hazardous Items First, I want to talk about some hazardous Christmas items… Read More »Christmas Safety Tips For Cats

Spaying Hacks for Your Cat

Introduction If you have been following in my kitten series, then you now know how to handle young kittens, how to wean kittens off the bottle, when they leave their mothers, and when they can be spayed. Chances are, if you have a kitten, then the obvious next step are going to be spaying or neutering them.I have talked in the past why it is so important for everyone to… Read More »Spaying Hacks for Your Cat