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Are Daisies Toxic to Cats?

Are Daisies Toxic to Cats? Introduction Another common flower is the daisy. They are a beautiful flower and are common both indoors and out. They are like roses as they are great to give to people as a bouquet or to put in a vase. This means they are in a readily available area around your house and your cat has easy access to them. Why might this be a… Read More »Are Daisies Toxic to Cats?

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Are Orchids Safe for Cats?

Are Orchids Safe for Cats? Introduction Continuing along the same vein as our previous posts about plants, today we will talk about orchids. Orchids are a great addition to the rest of your houseplants and can really brighten things up. But how will your cats react to this new plant in its midst? Can orchids and cats coexist? Most likely your cat will come out the victor as they can… Read More »Are Orchids Safe for Cats?

Are Roses Toxic for Cats?

Are Roses Toxic for Cats? Introduction We are following a post about a plant, aloe vera, with another post about plants and cats. Roses can be common both inside and outside. Because it is so common, many pet owners may be wondering if the common rose is toxic to their animals. I’m sure many of you have come upon your pet munching or licking a plant they probably have no… Read More »Are Roses Toxic for Cats?

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Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? There are a few features in a cat that everyone knows and loves, including cat whiskers. Those stiff hairs on your cat’s face and legs don’t just add to their cuteness — they have real work to do. Whiskers play an important part in helping your cats navigate the world. Whiskers are GPS and radar systems for your cat. How Do Whiskers Work? Because the… Read More »Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

How Much Water Do Cats Need?

How much water do Cats need? Introduction: All living beings need water and cats are no exception. Just as they need water though, you need to be informed about their water consumption and problem. As cats can have if they do not get enough water. For cats in ancient times, water was never really a problem as they got their water from the food they ate, namely mice and other… Read More »How Much Water Do Cats Need?