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Cats 101

The Best Recipe For Homemade Cat Treats

    Whisking Up Happiness: The Best Recipe for Homemade Cat Treats Introduction: Cats hold a special place in our hearts, and as pet owners, we constantly strive to provide them with the best care possible. One way to show our feline friends love is by preparing delicious homemade cat treats. By doing so, not only can we ensure the quality of ingredients, but we can also tailor the recipe to suit… Read More »The Best Recipe For Homemade Cat Treats

    Are Lilies poisonous to Cats?

      Are Lilies poisonous to Cats? Introduction:  This is the third installment of what plants are poisonous to your cat. Today we are going to talk about lilies. As stated previously, cats are very apt to eat or at least bite just about anything, plant or otherwise. So what happens if a cat ingests lilies? Are they poisonous? Are they safe? If they are poisonous, how dangerous are they? Read below… Read More »Are Lilies poisonous to Cats?

      All About Persian Cats

      Can I Use Dove Soap On My Cat?

        There is really nothing quite like that clean feeling you get after a warm shower, or a cozy soak in the tub. As many cat owners know, cats do not feel that way about bath time. Most cats are not fans of baths, although they may enjoy watching water or watching you shower. And while cats are typically pretty clean animals, there are times when they get into a mess… Read More »Can I Use Dove Soap On My Cat?

        Are Daisies Toxic to Cats?

          Are Daisies Toxic to Cats? Introduction Another common flower is the daisy. They are a beautiful flower and are common both indoors and out. They are like roses as they are great to give to people as a bouquet or to put in a vase. This means they are in a readily available area around your house and your cat has easy access to them. Why might this be a… Read More »Are Daisies Toxic to Cats?

          can cats have coconut

          Are Orchids Safe for Cats?

            Are Orchids Safe for Cats? Introduction Continuing along the same vein as our previous posts about plants, today we will talk about orchids. Orchids are a great addition to the rest of your houseplants and can really brighten things up. But how will your cats react to this new plant in its midst? Can orchids and cats coexist? Most likely your cat will come out the victor as they can… Read More »Are Orchids Safe for Cats?