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can cats have coconut

12 Common Myths About Cats That Are Actually False!

12 Common Myths About Cats That Are Actually False! Cats get a bad rap. We mentioned it a little bit when it spoke about ‘Why Cats Are The Most Under-Rated Pets’. We also talked about why cats are so awesome. Unfortunately most people who are reading about why cats are awesome, already think cats are awesome. What we don’t talk about is why people don’t like cats in the first… Read More »12 Common Myths About Cats That Are Actually False!

are blueberries safe for cats?

Can Cats Eat Blueberries?

Can Cats Eat Blueberries? If you have been reading my series of ‘Can my cat eat this?’ series, you know this question is a question I get a lot. Are blueberries safe for cats? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cats are carnivores! They are out in the wild and need meat to keep them healthy. But they don’t HAVE to only have meat. In fact, cats… Read More »Can Cats Eat Blueberries?

How To Easily Remove Cat Urine From Your Home!

  Cat owners, anyone who owns a cat, or has lived with a cat, you know there is no glamour in cat urine. It’s gross, it smells, it’s not fun at all. And worse of all, if not handled properly, cat urine can make your house stink no matter how many candles you burn. So, let’s talk how to easily remove cat urine in every part of your home! Just… Read More »How To Easily Remove Cat Urine From Your Home!

Can Cats Have Bacon?

Can You Feed Cats Bacon?

Can Cats Eat Bacon? You may have read my most recent article, can cats eat honey? It had a lot of surprising information that I did not think about when it comes to cat food. That led me down another path as I was eating my breakfast this week. What about eggs? What about bacon?! Can you feed cats bacon?! Those have to be feline friendly, right?! It also led… Read More »Can You Feed Cats Bacon?

Can cats have honey?

Can Cats Have Honey?

Can Cats Eat Honey? Oh honey! Today, I want to answer the question on all our minds, can cats have honey? More specifically, can cats eat raw honey? Humans love the sweet treats that honey provides. Heck! Some humans just love honey! Outside of the taste it’s also known to have great health benefits to humans, ease a sore throat, and some even use it for a face mask. (Me!… Read More »Can Cats Have Honey?