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Can cats have honey?

Can Cats Have Honey?

Can Cats Eat Honey? Oh honey! Today, I want to answer the question on all our minds, can cats have honey? More specifically, can cats eat raw honey? Humans love the sweet treats that honey provides. Heck! Some humans just love honey! Outside of the taste it’s also known to have great health benefits to humans, ease a sore throat, and some even use it for a face mask. (Me!… Read More »Can Cats Have Honey?

Why Does My Cat Meow In the Morning?

Why Does My Cat Meow in The Morning? Continuing on with our question series is a funny one I was asked by a friend. She goes up to me and said, ‘I have a bone to pick. My cat LOVES to meow in the morning. Why does my cat meow so much in the morning?’ I laughed and gave her my answer. After I answered her, I started thinking about… Read More »Why Does My Cat Meow In the Morning?

Can cats have honey?

What Colors Can Cats Really See?

What Colors Do Cats See? When it comes to cats, there are a lot of myths that seems to circulate about them. That’s were I come in. My goal is to find these myths that many people still seem to believe and find out of they are true or not. Kind of like a myth buster of cats. Today’s myth, What Colors Can Cats See? I have started debunking some… Read More »What Colors Can Cats Really See?