Kitten Series

When Can A Kitten Eat Dry Food?

  When Can A Kitten Eat Dry Food? I wanted to continue the kitten series by talking about when kittens. What age can kittens eat dry food? If you have been following along with the series, then you know from the weaning kittens that they will go from a bottle to a slurry to wet food. But when can kittens eat dry food? The next step is a fairly easy… Read More »When Can A Kitten Eat Dry Food?

Why Do Kittens Fart?

The next section in question series is one that many will find humorous, but hopefully valuable. I want to ask the question, why do kittens fart? Backstory Behind Why Kittens Fart Some back story behind the question. We recently have gotten two kittens to foster. Their names are Chloe and Zoe and are about nine weeks old now. I will have an entire post written about them and their story,… Read More »Why Do Kittens Fart?

When Can a Kitten Be Spayed?

First, let’s start with what spaying a kitten really is. What does it mean to spay a cat? Or neuter a cat for that matter? Spaying and neutering is the removal of the reproductive organs within your pet. For females, it is termed spaying, and males neutering.

How To Easily Wean Kittens Off of a Bottle

If you have been to my blog, then you have seen my latest topic about newborn kittens. I have written post about caring for two through eight-week-old kittens and how to bottle feed kittens. Therefore, the logical next step in kitten care in how to ween kittens off of the bottle and onto kitten food.