Kitten Series

How To Socialize A Kitten

Why You Need To Socialize A Kitten Newborn kittens are not only abandoned from their mother, but in a lot of cases, they are also abandoned from their litter. All kittens require early socialization in order to become good pets. It helps kittens learn to interact with other cats and pets as well as people, and it requires positive interactions. Starting to socialize kittens will also help them build confidence.… Read More »How To Socialize A Kitten

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

How Long Are Cats Pregnant? If you are anything like me, a pregnant cat is something that used to confuse the heck out of me. Silly me used to think cats would be pregnant the same time as humans. Obviously that is WRONG. First, typically a pregnant cat is known as a queen. So, if you hear me talking about our queens, I am not just being sassy. It’s actually… Read More »How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

How To Tell Your Cat is Pregnant

How To Tell Your Cat Is Pregnant If you have a female cat, and your female cat was recently in heat, AND had access to an unneutered male cat, then there is a chance you have a pregnant kitty. Or if you may have found a stray cat that is not acting like a typical cat. There is a chance your stray cat may be pregnant with even kittens. A… Read More »How To Tell Your Cat is Pregnant