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My Review of the Catnip Banana Cat Toy


    When it comes to finding toys for your cat, it’s really hard to find toys that are honestly worth their money. Cats love the simple things! They would most likely be just as happy with boxes.

    Buy toys are still important to keep them entertained and help build a good relationship with you and your cat. And even with multiple cats as well!

    I want to do a full review of cat toys and I am going to talk about the entertainment value of the toy, how safe it is for your cat, how durable it is, the cost, and then the two most important things…my verdict and the cats verdict!

    Because you can have the best cat toy in the world, but if your cats won’t play with it, you don’t have the right cat toy for your cats.

    So let’s deep dive into the Catnip Banana!

    Entertainment Value:

    In terms of entertainment value, the catnip banana is complex. It provides a lot of entertainment for the cats when they are enjoying the catnip, but the play aspect is somewhat limits.

    This is not an interactive toy, so the toy is limited to how the cats play with it.

    However, since it is a toy with catnip, most cats will play with it and rub their faces in it. Which I believe serves as a high entertainment value for the cat.

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    The Catnip Banana is great for durability. Because the cats don’t tear it apart, it last for a long period of time!

     The biggest downside when it comes to durability for the catnip banana is that when cats lick it too often, they can turn slightly green.

    This doesn’t take away for the toy at all, it just doesn’t look as adorable as the yellow new catnip banana.

    I have chosen to replace them every so often because of the cost, as I will mention below.

    As a rough estimate, I probably replace all four them once a year…sometimes twice if I am feeling crazy and want to spoil my kitties more than they already are.

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    The catnip bananas are actually great when it comes to the cost. The price per banana is usually about $5 but it can go up and down depending on the sales.

    You can also buy these catnip bananas in bulk and it is a little bit cheaper.

    I like to buy new ones every so often and throw out the ones that are turning green.

    Cat’s Verdict

    The biggest thing to remember about the catnip banana is the main thing, it contains catnip.

    So if your cats are anything like mine, who love catnip, then chances are they will love this toy.

    If your cat doesn’t really seem interested in catnip, then this may not entertain your cat like it does for my cats.

    Out of my four cats, my parent’s cat, and three of my friends cats, all have LOVED the catnip banana. (That is a small sample size though).

    My kittens will even reach their head in their toy basket and grab the bananas when I put them away. Sometimes you just need a banana to get you through the day.

    Final Verdict

    I will happily spend around $20/year on new catnip bananas that entertain my cats for HOURS on end!

    I have even caught Phoebe sleeping with the banana which just completely melts my heart! I cannot recommend the catnip banana enough, I love to unwrap

    If I have to pick a cat toy to get your new kitten, the catnip banana is definitely in the top 3!

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