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Best Christmas Gifts For Your Cat in 2023


    What Should I Get My Cat For Christmas?

    Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause.

    Right down Santa Clause Lane. Christmas is right around the corner people!

    Hopefully you have gotten your stocking stuffed, and your presents wrapped  and made your list for Santa

    .There may be someone that you are forgetting though.

    What about a Christmas Present for your cat?!

    Our animals do so much for us emotionally, and mentally, I would definitely qualify them for being on the nice list.

    But sometimes, coming up with ideas for your fur-babies can be difficult.

    So, I wanted to help give you some of my favorite ideas for cats for Christmas.

    We will start with stocking stuffers and move on to the big presents that you would find under the tree.

    Cat Christmas Stocking Stuffers

    Stocking Stuffers.

    The great thing about these gifts are they are small.

    And let’s be realistic, most of the gifts you are going to get your cat, will be small gifts.

    Some of my favorite stocking stuffers include, catnip, catnip toys, small toys, and cat treats.

    But let’s talk a little more about each of these. I’m not just going to tell you what I recommend, I’m going to show you examples too!

    When it comes to catnip, you really can’t go wrong.

    You can get a simple bag, like this. Or you can go crazy and get them in a large box, like this one.

    Either way, the cost will be low and it is something you know your cats will love.

    You just want to make sure that it is a safe space where the cats don’t know it’s cat nip until Christmas. Or you will have some kitties wrecking havoc on your stockings.

    Stocking Stuffers Explanations

    Whenever I get catnip, I love to get catnip toys along with them.

    It’s nice because some you can continue adding catnip in after a little while which makes the toy like brand new all over again.

    I actually got this banana for my two kittens for Christmas…shhh! Don’t tell them.

    Now, some people don’t love catnip, or some people notice their cats don’t react well to catnip, so they usually want to avoid that.

    Great news!

    That does not mean you don’t get to do any stocking stuffers for your kittens. You can always get small toys for them as well.

    My go-to cat toys is still the cat dancer. It’s like a dollar, but the cats are OBSESSED! Probably equally as obsessed are they are on the box it comes in. So it’s really a win/win situation.

    Finally, I always like to finish off the stocking with some treats. When you think of humans stockings, there is always some candy in the stocking for us to snack on throughout the day. So I like to do the same for my kitties.

    Now, I have EXTREMELY picky cats, so I usually stick with the temptation’s packets.

    These are the only cat treats my cats will eat…and that’s not always true.

    It’s like they don’t have a taste for treats…didn’t get it from me that’s for sure.

    But, if you do not have a particular cat, or you know what their favorite treat is, that is always an easy add to stockings to add some volume.

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    Presents Under the Tree

    Hopefully you have a good idea of what you will be stuffing into your cat stockings.

    Next, are the presents under the tree. Some people prefer to get their cats small gives, and save the big presents for when they go on sale.

    If you are one of those people, then don’t worry!

    It’s not necessary to have both stocking stuffers and presents under the tree for your cat. I understand that you have other bills to pay.

    However, if you would rather go big for your cats this time of year, instead of getting small stuff, that’s totally fine too!

    Cats love you as long as you give them a warm place to sleep, food to eat and love to give. So don’t forget that during the holiday season.

    For those of you who are looking for ideas for your cats, here are some of the past, and current presents I have “given” to my cats during the holiday.

    Cat Presents

    Cat Tree

    This was one of my favorite gifts to give because of the excitement that occurred afterwards.

    I bought this tree actually, and it arrived in a giant box.

    Now, I couldn’t wait so I assembled it right away, and Phoebe was immediately on the tree.

    I love giving cat tress as presents because it is something you know your cat will get a lot of use out of.


    Even now, we almost always have at least one cat on the cat tree. And they don’t have to be expensive.

    Mine was only around 50-60 dollars. And it is something your cat will use everyday. It basically pays for itself within a month.


    Cat Lounging Sets

    If your cat already has a cat tree, you can always get them a cat lounging set.

    These sets can be placed on walls, windows, shelves, anywhere around your house.

    It provides your cat with an additional place to nap and it is new and exciting.

    Cat Mat

    One gift that I am giving my fur-babies this year is a thermal cat mat.

    Whenever they go in the car, they are in love with heated seats.

    So I figured they could have a heated seat wherever they go. I will have to keep you all posted on what their thoughts are on this.

    Automated Cat Litter Box

    This is another gift I am thinking about getting my cats.

    And realistically, its more a gift for myself than for the cats.

    I have heard how wonderful automated litter boxes were and just have not been able to pull the trigger.

    I am leaning more towards this box.

    Less scoping for me, and the cats are guaranteed to have a clean litter box.

    What Should I Buy For My Cat?

    Christmas no longer needs to be all about getting gifts for humans.

    If you have a pet cat, then you know they are a big part of our lives.

    Why not celebrate them by letting the share in the Christmas spirit.

    Whether it be stocking stuffers, a big present under the tree, or just an extra treat the day of Christmas, your cat will appreciate it.

    Use these ideas as starting points for your perfect cat Christmas.

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