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6 Dog Products You Need To Be Buying From Amazon in 2023

    My favorite Amazon Finds:

    Top Dog Food: Abound Dog Food

    “My go-to dog food that all our puppies have loved to eat. Maybe a little too much…”

    Top Canned Dog Food: Mighty Dog

    “By the name enough, it had won us over to try it. What kept us buying was the puppies reactions each time we gave it to them”

    Top Dog Toys: CPRK Dog Chew Toy

    “The biggest thing you need in a toy is something to keep them busy and burn energy. Why not get one that can do both?”

    Top Dog Treats: Nudges Dog Treats

    “It’s like a play on the Choosy moms choose Jif…but instead its’ Picky puppers pick nudges.”

    Top Dog Bones: Good’n’Fun Bones

    “It’s a dog treat that cleans your puppy’s teeth!”

    Honorable Mention: Puppy Pads

    “Puppy pads are a game changer for potty training and small dogs”

    How many of you already have Amazon orders coming to your house?

    Or have items in your shopping cart on Amazon that you’re waiting for the free shipping to place that order? Many of us tend to go to Amazon Prime to order our own products, so why not do the same for our animals?

    People have always been finding ways to become more efficient.

    You can have your groceries delivered, you can have fast food delivered, there are people who can come and drive you around. Why not the same for the animals?

    Well, the great news is that there is, in fact, something that exists. Amazon has the option where you can ‘subscribe and save’. This means you get a discounted, fixed-rate price for these products. In addition, you can pick how often you want to have these items delivered.

    No more do you have to run out to the store at 8 pm because you’re out of wet dog food and you know the dog will only eat that tonight.

    So, which one would I chose? Great question!

    The favorite for the family’s picky pup is Abound. So when I first get a new dog, I will probably stick with that same option. He is a happy, healthy, and very energetic dog. So they can’t be too bad!



    Going back to childhood memories, we had a diabetic dog. We always gave him wet food when we had to give insulin shots. He was always very excited about any of the Mighty Dog!. Actually, any wet food in gravy seemed to get his attention.


    The last thing you want is for your dog to tear up your homes, your socks, or your furniture. They need a toy for them to get their energy out, and let them “think” they are tearing something apart.

    It’s tug of war, without you having to dislocate your arm!

    Dogs can be so picky when it comes to treats. My parent’s dogs would ONLY eat nudges. But there are some who are obsessed with milk bones. So why not get both in one place?!


    READ THE FULL REVIEW NOW :  Nudges Dog Treats Full Review

    My parents’ current dog is very bone driven. She loves the good n’ fun kabobs. I partially think she likes them before they look like little chicken thighs.

    Ah, puppy pads.

    I have decided to save this section for last because there is a lot of controversy around puppy pads.

    Some people swear by them, some people hate them. For the people who hate them, this section is not for you. Continue on. For the people that swear by them, we need to talk.

    Puppy pads are like diapers. Which means they can get expensive!

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