6 Dog Products You Need To Be Buying From Amazon in 2020

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How many of you have dogs? Or are thinking about getting dogs and are gathering research for them? Of course you do! That’s why you need to know the best dog products to buy on Amazon in 2020!

Well, then you have come to a great post. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes life gets a little crazy.

What if you did not have to worry about dog supplies all the time? Or it was a much simpler process for you? Anytime I hear simple my ears perk up a little.

Simple? In this crazy world?! Count me in! So I wanted to find a way to make purchasing dog products a little easier too.

Why Amazon?

How many of you already have Amazon orders coming to your house?

Or have items in your shopping cart on Amazon that you’re waiting for the free shipping to place that order? Many of us tend to go to Amazon Prime to order our own products, so why not do the same for our animals?

People have always been finding ways to become more efficient.

You can have your groceries delivered, you can have fast food delivered, there are people who can come and drive you around. Why not the same for the animals?

Well, the great news is that there is, in fact, something that exists. Amazon has the option where you can ‘subscribe and save’. This means you get a discounted, fixed-rate price for these products. In addition, you can pick how often you want to have these items delivered.

No more do you have to run out to the store at 8 pm because you’re out of wet dog food and you know the dog will only eat that tonight.

Now I don’t have a dog so I can say that these are the things that I get delivered currently to my door. But I like to prepare. And my goal is to get a dog in the near future, so I want to be prepared as to what will need to buy for them. And here is the six cute dog accessories that I plan to get from Amazon’s subscribe and save option to make my future life easier.

This will allow me to spend more time playing with my puppy and cats rather than searching for different toys or food that they may like that doesn’t cost a ton. So why do you spend less time searching the internet for puppy products? Instead, check this article out and see what I plan to use.

Don’t worry, I will provide options because each puppy is unique.

1. Dry Dog food

First and most important is dog food!

What are the best things to have for a new puppy? Well, duh they need food!

Listen, Linda! (did I say that right?) I’m sure you already are buying things on Amazon. What if you no longer had to worry about if they had the dog food you liked at the store?

What if it magically appeared at your doorstep each week (or every other week). Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be a little happy. I know I would. When I do decide to add a puppy into my house, this will be the first thing I do. It was one of the first things I did with my kittens and it took so much stress of household.

And now you can play around with different brands rather than only getting the ones your store has in stock. So, which one would I chose? Great question! Growing up with dogs, my parents were always an Iams family. So when I first get a new dog, I will probably stick with that same option. My dogs were happy and healthy and lived a long life with Iams, so they can’t be too bad, especially proactive health.

I have also heard amazing reviews from fellow dog owners about Rachel Ray’s Nutrish because it has real chicken, real veggies, and fewer preservatives than traditional dog food. I’ve also heard a few people rave about the Purina Pro Plan SPORT dry dog food. These people who recommend it, however, do have very active dog breeds that like to run around and exercise a lot. So depending on your dog breed, this may be a great option for you as well! (PS Amazon also currently offers the subscribe and save option for this so you can get it for cheaper than normal! Yay for the coupons).

2. Wet dog food

If you’ve been sold on getting your dry dog food on Amazon and subscribing to not have to worry about it, why not add wet dog food in there as well?

Some people love to use wet dog food as a treat of their puppies, and some have it as a staple.

Regardless, they are yet another thing that you need to sit in the pet section of the store and decide which one they may like.

Or worse, go to a whole different store just to get wet food for them. Personally, I’d rather order it in my pajamas while my pup is sleeping on my life.

Again, going back to childhood memories, we had a diabetic dog. We always gave him wet food when we had to give insulin shots. He was always very excited about any of the Mighty Dog!. Actually, any wet food in gravy seemed to get his attention. So personally, that is probably the brand I would start out with again once I adopted a puppy (or dog).

Just like above, I have also heard excellent reviews about Rachel Ray’s wet dog food, for the same reason as the dry dog food. Supposed to be very organic, while keeping all the great flavors dogs like. I feel like I also need to be a groupie and at least try Cesars. I hear everyone talking about how much they love it. So I have to at least if my dog feels the same way, right?! Don’t want him or her to be the only puppy in the park that doesn’t know what it tastes like. And again, that is another one you can subscribe and save on. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about saving money!

3. Dog Toys

The first options may have been more obvious, but what if while you’re ordering dog food for your babies, you could also get some funny toys for them that they like.

That is less time you have to spend searching the internet for good toys for your babies and more time actually playing with them!

There are so many options when it comes to dog toys.

And lucky for us humans, every dog is different. Which means what one dog loves, the other may have no interest in. So I will give you a lot of different options that I found seem to be popular toys amongst the “cool pups”. (And by cool pups, I mean the best reviews and experiences).

And to make it even easier, the type of toys will depend on the dog. Small dogs may need smaller squeaky toys, like this. While a larger dog would completely destroy that. Large dogs may need a more “durable” toy that can sustain their larger jaw, such a rope toy.

A safe bet for most dogs is tennis balls and a classic kong. There are very few dogs that I have met that don’t like tennis balls. And kongs are great for dogs that need to be distracted. All you need to do is fill it with peanut butter, or another treat of your choice. And boom! Happy dog for hours! Or at the very least a few minutes depending on the determination of your puppy, and your treat hiding skills.

And while this is something you can get at a store; I always like to include it. If you’re already deciding to buy food on Amazon, why not just throw a $5 treat in there too? Save yourself a trip and let Amazon do the heavy lifting.

4. Dog Treats

Yes! Back to food! Or Luxury Dog Accessories, as some people call them!

Dogs can be so picky when it comes to treats. My parent’s dogs would ONLY eat snausages. But there are some who are obsessed with milk bones. So why not get both in one place?!

If you’re feeling crazy, you could even order a different brand WHILE feeding your current treats to your dog.

Talk about multi-tasking. And as I said before. These next ones are complete necessities that you are completely missing out on by not ordering them online.

My thought process for these is if you’re already online, or have the opportunity to buy online for the same, or cheaper price, show some self-love! The great thing about it too, as I’ve mentioned, is if you get them delivered on a regular basis, you get to be locked into one price. No more only getting a certain brand when they go on sale or you have a coupon. You get to treat yourself and your dog all.the.time!

5. Dog Bones

I feel like bones could fall into the category or treats, or toys.

So instead of making a giant broad category, I made it, it’s own.

Bones are so good for your dog’s teeth! And prevents your dog from chewing on your new shoes or remote when they feel like they need something to chew.

My parents always like to buy bones in bulk so that they could just give the dogs bones whenever they wanted, or if they wanted the dogs to be extra loving towards them. (I see what you were doing mom and dad!) Some people even use bones to train their dogs.

So, why not just buy a bunch of different brands online and see which your dogs like best? That’s always the thought process I like to go by. The size of the bone also depends on the dog. Small dogs won’t be able to chew the giant bones that are ideal for larger dogs.

My parents’ current dog is very bone driven. She loves the good n’ fun kabobs. I partially think she likes them before they look like little chicken thighs. She also likes to mix it up with Milk-bones Gnaw twists. They are simple flavors that keep her distracted and happy. They provide so much excitement we have even seen the cat licking the bone to see what all the fuss was about.

But Lola is a very small dog. So she needs the small bones like that. If you have a larger dog breed, you may need something like Lilly’s Choice Dog Bones. From the research I have done these are great for medium to large dogs who like to chew and can really dig their jaws into a bone if they want.

Bones are a fun thing that you can try multiple out with your dogs. They are not too expensive and you can either buy them in bulk or just a few to try out. So if you’ve been on the fence if you want to add this to your online purchase list, I say try it once. See if you like it. Worst case, you don’t and you continue going to the store like you always have. No harm, no foul

6. Puppy Pads

Ah, puppy pads.

I have decided to save this section for last because there is a lot of controversy around puppy pads.

Some people swear by them, some people hate them. For the people who hate them, this section is not for you. Continue on. For the people that swear by them, we need to talk.

Puppy pads are like diapers. Which means they can get expensive!

If you use puppy pads on a regular basis and are not ordering them online, you are missing out. What happens if you forget to get more at the store and run out?

Looking like you will be the one running out to get more so there is not an accident. And what if you go to the store to restock and their prices are crazy high?!?

Well, you can either run to multiple stores for a better price or suck it up, right? Wrong! There is a hidden third option.

Well, not really hidden. It’s obvious. Buy it online. Subscribe to have them delivered every two weeks (or whatever fits your needs). You can lock in the discounted price, and never worry about running out of puppy pads again. Save yourself from late night pet store runs to prevent accidents and continue snuggling with your puppy.

To make things even better, there are so many different options on the types of puppy pads you can get. You can get the basic Amazon brand if you want, or Glad has a training pad for puppies that you can get in 100 counts. Yes, 100! That’s 100, or so, days covered for puppy pads. Depending on how many you use in a day that means you can probably get them every other month? Give or take? I think I’ll take those numbers!


Dogs require supplies. Hopefully, as an animal lover, this is something you’ve already gathered. But just because dogs require supplies doesn’t mean you need to break the bank or spend hours a day at the store for them.

I’ve always been told to work smarter, not harder. And that’s just what this is. Working smarter. Using my time to save and shop while spending time with my puppy. If this is something that interests you, I highly recommend trying it.

The worst thing that happens is you end up with a product that you don’t like and have to return, and saved yourself a few extra hours a week. Seems to be a pretty even tradeoff considering the same thing could happen at a store, and some don’t allow returns on dog food or bones.

“Hey readers! Did any of you get all six correct?!? More importantly, how many of you actually saw the question being asked?!?! Let me know below!”

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