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Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter Review

    Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter Review


    This is the third review of a cat litter that is at the top of the Amazon list. As with previous reviews this will cover certain aspects we expect from most cat litters: odor control or elimination, clumping ability, tracking, ease of use and price. This review will be on Dr. Elsey’s Ultra cat litter and will look at how well it performs in the categories listed. 

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    Odor Elimination:

    Odor control or elimination is a good indicator of the quality of the litter. Dr Elsey’s Ultra does a good job of controlling the odor when you are not cleaning the litter box which is most of the time. However, there is a time when its effectiveness is not optimal at blocking odors.

    The last time I changed the litter, there was a lingering odor for a few hours afterwards. This could have been because of the length of time the litter had been in use or just the fact that I was moving things about, but it did smell for a little while.

    This is not a deal-breaker on whether you should get this litter as it still does its job at controlling odors 95% of the time. 

    Clumping Ability:

    Dr Elsey’s Ultra litter clumps as any other clumping litter is supposed to and it seems to hold it the clumps even when cleaning the litter. 

    However, as with most clumping litters there is a chance pieces will break off and this litter is no exception. Pieces of litter that are not able to be scooped up have accumulated in the litter box after multiple cleanings which could be the culprit for the ineffectiveness of the odor control.

    This happened only after a few cleanings and is making the litter dirty for our cat’s use. The clumping ability of this litter is above average but still not the best based on the pieces left behind even after a good cleaning.

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    This litter is low tracking and since no cat litter can ever be trackless it does not over promise in this area. Since I started testing (using) this litter, I have definitely seen a decrease in the amount of litter outside of the litter box.

    The particles of this litter are about average size which means that they are more noticeable than some of the smaller particle litters out there but the larger particles are what makes it a low tracking litter so there is a trade off either way.

    As I stated previously, there is no trackless litter at least that I know of which to me means that this is one of the better low tracking litters available.

    Ease of Use:

    Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter comes in two sizes (4 0Lb AND 18 Lb) and comes in a bag rather than a box.

    The difference of the bag versus box does not come into play as much until you get a Litter Robot (link) as you have to pour litter in the front and sometimes the boxes do not fit in the front. This bag is great for pouring into a Litter Robot because it is a bag however its maneuverability makes it less manageable when pouring into a regular litter box.

    The weight can also be a problem with a more flexible bag when pouring and it can make it a bit unwieldy. The litter’s clumping ability and dust-free formula makes it easy to scoop when cleaning.

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    Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter is very well priced compared to other cat litters. It is significantly cheaper than the Arm & Hammer Platinum cat litter for a 40 Lb container.

    This litter is close to the cheapest you can find per ounce from what short amount of research I have done on it. It is definitely cheaper than both of the cat litters we have already done reviews on. 

    Final Verdict:

    Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter has many pros and only a few cons. Of the many pros, the price and the low tracking jumps out at me.

    The price is the cheapest I have seen so far compared to other cat litters we have tried and the quality is close to the others that are more expensive. The low tracking aspect is great for minimal cleanup outside of the litter box. All that being said, it will not replacing Arm & Hammer Platinum Clump & Seal Litter as our top choice for litters.

    Overall, if price is your top requirement for litter but you also don’t want to sacrifice too much quality, this is the litter for you.

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