Get The Facts About Siamese Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

Let’s continue with the cat breeds by talking about one of the most popular and well known cat breeds ever, the Siamese Cat breeds.

What is actually really funny is whenever I think of Siamese Cats, I think of Lady and the Tramp and the cats singing, ‘I am Siamese if you pleeeease’.

Anyways, let’s do the basics of the cat breed posts.

I am going to talk about the history behind Siamese cats, the health factors of Siamese cats, their personalities, and finish with some fun facts about Siamese cats.

History Behind Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats originated from Siam (which is now considered Thailand).

They are actually one of the few breeds that they think originated without any human interference.

There are a lot of different legends about the ancient Siamese cats.

One legend was that they were part of the Royal Family of Siam.

Two cats, a male and female, went searching for a lost royal goblet for the Queen.

When the goblet was found, the male went to alarm the king of the goblet while the female stayed behind to guard it.

The female wrapped her tail around the goblet so hard and stared at the goblet until she got a kink in her tail and became cross-eyes.

How Siamese Cats Got Their Tail Kink

There are many legends that are of similar stories.

Basically, legend thinks that the Siamese cats got the kinks in their tail in order to help their royal family, in many different fashions.

The true reason behind the kink in their tail is unknown, but it is expected that it is hereditary and a trait that runs in the Siamese family.

According to Pet Plan, in 1884 the departing British Consul-General Gould was given a Siamese cat by the Siamese king as a farewell gift.

It was considered a great honor as the cat came from those bred in the palace by the royal family.

The cats caught the attention of the public as nothing like they had ever seen before. But that did not stop them becoming one of the favorite cats of the British cat fanciers.

By 1902 England founded its first Siamese cat fancier’s club.

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It is believed that the first Siamese cat appeared Australia between 1890 and 1903.

Between 1950-1960, the Siamese grew in popularity. Breeders and cat show judges began to favour the more slender look.

This caused generations of selective breeding, changing their body shape entirely, to long, thin bodies.

In the late 80s, traditional pure Siamese made a comeback amongst breeders and fans of the older shaped Siamese. In order to preserve the old, healthy genetics they promoted the traditional breed.

Unfortunately, there were very little pure Siamese seal point breeders that stayed true to the breed throughout the many decades.

The popularity of the Siamese led to mixed-breed cats that may have few or no Siamese ancestry in them.

What Are The Different Types Of Siamese Cats?

Now let’s move onto the physical appearances of the Siamese Cats. First, I want to explain that there are actually three different Siamese Cat Breed Types: Applehead (Traditional), Classic, and Modern Siamese Cats.

The Applehead cat breed is known for having a round head and as less wedge shape.

When looking at the Traditional cat breed, it is fairly similar to that of domestic shorthair cats. Of course with the normal distinctions of white fur with colored ears and noses.

Next, there is the Moderm Siamese cat breed type.

This is the type that was favorites in shows, and actually the type of Siamese cat that I described in the introduction.

They have a slender body with a wedged or pointed face. They are longer, lanky and more muscular than the other two breed types.

This helps them really stand out as Siamese Cats.

Finally is the Classic Siamese cat breed type.

I like to think of this as a middle ground between the traditional and the modern breed type. They are started to have a longer nose than the Applehead, but not nearly as long as the modern.

In additional they are not as lean as the modern breed type, but not as traditional fluffy as, well, the traditional cat breed.

Do Siamese Cats Have Health Problems?

Let’s move onto the health of Siamese cats

. Because of its differences, Siamese cats have actually help found many other cat breeds.

Siamese cats have special nutritional needs which vary from the average domestic kitty’s. They also require less grooming due to the fact that their short and glossy fur lacks an undercoat.

As such, their fur doesn’t mat that easily and doesn’t require constant upkeep with deshedding tools.

How Long Do Siamese Cat Live?

Siamese cats are also known to have a fairly long lifespan.

They can range from anywhere to 17 years to mid 20s depending the cat, and health issues the cat inherited.

Their age can also vary based on the diet, exercise, medical care, and vitamins given.

Basically, if you give your cat a healthy diet of food, exercise and supplements, they could be around for much longer than a typical lifespan of a cat.

Personality of Siamese Cats

Now onto the fun part!

The personalities of Siamese Cats. These breeds are known for being extremely intelligent and vocal!

This could explain why they were part of the royal family and have legends about them protecting the royal goods.

Siamese cats are actually known for being the most vocal of the cat breeds, though they vary from cat to cat.

They will let you know when they want attention, are hungry, bored, whiney. (You know now that I am typing this, I am seeing where Phoebe’s part Siamese is really coming out to play).

Siamese cats are also so intelligent that they are actually  easy to train!

They are one of the few cat breeds that could easily be trained to walk on a leash! (Phoebe did not incorporate this trait unfortunately).

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Are Siamese Cats More Aggressive?

Siamese cats are also known to be clingy with their humans.

They are intelligent and vocal, so if their human is ignoring them…this is the cat breed that will let you know, either vocally, or shoving their paw under the door in an attempt to get to you.

If you are looking for a cat that can be independent and not really want companionship, Siamese cat breeds are not for you.

However, if you are searching for companion and a cat best friend, this may be the perfect breed for you.

Fun Facts About Siamese Cat Breeds

  • They are excellent jumpers
  • Siamese Cats are born white and do not get their distinct coloring until about a month.
  • They actually cannot see as well in the dark as most other cat breeds.
  • These cats are known for being picky about the types of foods they will and will not eat
  • A U.S President owned a Siamese Cat.
  • Siamese cats once had crooked eyes and kinks in their tails.
  • A Siamese cat once gave birth to 19 kittens!

What You Should Know About Siamese Cats

Siamese cats breeds are a fun breed!

They are intelligent, vocal, and are the most popular cat breeds.

They have an unusual history with many legends revolving around them protecting their humans.

If this seems like the perfect fit for you, I definitely recommend getting a Siamese Cat!

Like my cat breed posts? Tell me what cat breed you want to learn about next!

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