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Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood Wet Food Review

    If Introduction:

    This next review covers the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood Wet Food. Most cats like variety in their food which is why all flavors and types of food should be given to cats to see what they prefer. This review will cover the basic categories that the previous reviews covered. For the other wet cat food reviews on Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Variety Pack.


     All ingredients for the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood is chosen for a reason. Purina selects high quality ingredients and choose who the partner with which makes it much easier to keep track of all their ingredients used. They also chooses to keep 99% of their production in the US so they can make sure the food they produce is created to certain quality standards.

    Purina also studies the nutrients that go into their food to make sure your pet has the best tasting and most nourishing food you can give them. This is one reason we choose Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood for our cats.


    As mentioned in previous reviews, our cats are notoriously picky eaters. This is why we like to switch things up for them to see what they like at all times. Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood is just another one of the wet cat food we provide them with because they continue to enjoy the flavors of the seafood variety.

    The flavors are a good contrast to the poultry and beef options previously reviewed. And gives the cats a little break from the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. Because it is the grilled option, there is not as much sauce/gravy in this food as in the gravy lovers. But the cats seem to eat it nonetheless.

    Because of the good ingredients Purina uses, Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood wet food tastes great to our cats as far as we can tell since there is usually not a time when we do not have to refill their dishes with this wet food.

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    Just like the previous review on the Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood is the same price and follows the same logic for why we buy it.

    It may be more expensive per can than other wet cat foods but the quality is above average and our cats eat more of the Fancy Feast than any other wet cat food. 


     The smaller cans of cat food and the quality of the food is where the value lies this canned food. The cans are smaller and can be used for better portion control for overweight cats. Or just to help prevent weight gain in cats.

    It also cuts down on wasting cat food in case your cats do not like the cat food. The variety of flavors and textures offered also appeals our cats as well. We try to switch the flavors up now and then so they don’t get too sick of one flavor. 

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    Final Verdict

     If you haven’t already, Purina Seafood is a great wet food to introduce your cats to. It pairs really well with the Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and gives your cats a variety of options when eating. The smaller size cans make it great for one or two cats. Especially if they only graze on wet food which means you don’t have to waste an entire can of wet food. This is mainly because most Fancy Feast cans are half the size.

    The food is a bit more expensive than some of the other options out there. However it does seem to be of better quality in my mind. The bits in the Fancy Feast Seafood are small as well. The size makes it easier for the cats to eat it.

    Cat’s Verdict

     We have tried giving our cats many different kinds of wet cat food but they always come back to the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood. We have tried the pate and other kinds but they always leave those alone. Especially, if the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood is out with it.

    This food is their choice by far when it comes to wet food. And that is why it is one of our favorites. If it isn’t your cat’s top choice then it can’t be your top choice. Try it and see if your cats agree with ours.

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