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Our Top Friends-Themed Pet Names of 2023

    Our Favorite Friends-Themed Pet Names

    One of the places where we get ideas for names is from TV shows. One of the more popular TV shows ever made is Friends. What better place to look for names than a 10 season long show. Many characters run through this series and this provides an abundance of names to choose from. You may or not be like us but we love the show and have a plethora of names in our heads  just waiting to be used.

    In the past we have focused specifically on cat names and in the future we will do that again along with dog-specific names but for today, we will focus on pets as a whole and give you lists of names for all pets.

    Main Character Names:

    Anyone who has seen the show knows the 6 main characters. Some can make great names for your pets but there are other great names of characters who are recurring and would be considered more of a main character than the hundreds of others. Below id the list of main characters from Friends that could be great pet names.

    • Joey
    • Phoebe
    • Rachel 
    • Monica
    • Ross
    • Chandler
    • Gunther
    • Jack
    • Judy
    • Janice

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    Supporting Character Names:

    • Mike
    • Carol
    • Susan
    • Estelle
    • Charlie
    • Richard
    • Tag
    • Frank 
    • Julie
    • Pete
    • Barry
    • Joshua (not Josh)
    • Nora
    • Janine
    • Paolo
    • Aurora
    • Parker
    • Amy
    • Jill
    • David (the scientist guy)
    • Ursula
    • Mona
    • Kathy
    • Gavin

    Unique and Funny Names:

    There are always characters that capture your attention more than others because they are funny or off-the-wall. Here are different names you may not think of unless you watch the show.

    • Mr. Heckles
    • Mr. Treeger
    • Fun Bobby
    • Franzblau
    • Princess Consuela
    • Regina Filangie
    • Ken Adams
    • Bing-a-ling
    • Clint
    • Barney
    • Chan-Chan Man
    • Mental Geller
    • Magellan

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    Names of Animals in Friends:

    Mitzy –

    This one might be tough to figure out but it is the hamster in the episode “TOW The Dirty Girl”. This name is a bit on the unique side which checks off the box of the category above.

    Schnoodle –

    Another tough one and only hardcore fans will know it but this is the name of Frank Jr’s dog in TOW The Bullies”. Great name for a dog or cat.

    Chappy –

    Again, this is a little obscure as this animal only appears in one episode just like the two above. This is the name of Mike Hannigan’s dog in “TOW Phoebe’s Wedding”. As it is the name of a dog in the show, it is a great name for any dog.

    Mrs. Whiskerson –

    So, remember when Rachel go a cat? This is the name of her grandmother’s cat that looked exactly like the one she got. Maybe Mr. Whiskerson would be a good name for a male cat also.

    Clunkers –

    “TOW Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” where Phoebe is temporarily looking after a dog for her friend. Again, this sounds like a great name for a dog as it is the name of a dog in the show.

    Chick or Duck –

    the name of the rooster and duck, respectively that Joey bought. Maybe not the best names for animals but they were part of the show and deserve a spot on this list.

    Julio –

    the cat Phoebe thought was her mom. It may not be your mom but it is still a solid name for an animal.

    Marcel –

    Ross’ monkey but can definitely be used as a name for other animals. Maybe your pet’s favorite song will be “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” as well.

    Smelly Cat –

    Although not an actual cat, it also deserves a spot on list. It has definitely become a nickname sometimes for one of our cats so feel free to at least use it as that as well.

    Chi-Chi –

    Ross was devastated when he found out his dog had not been sent to a farm upstate. Although never seen on the show, it can still be listed here as it is a great name for any animal not just a dog in my opinion.

    Lapooh –

    While this dog has also never made an appearance on the show, Rachel would be so happy that her dog’s name might live on through you. 

    Huggsy –

    Finally, while not technically a real animal, if you happen to get a penguin or any other animal this name could work for you.



    Of all the names on this list, the animal names on friends give me the most to work with. At the end of the day, I love all the names. But for true animal names, some think it is nice to use names actually used for other animals. Don’t hesitate to let us know what your favorite

    Friends characters names are in the comments or through email. We would love to hear from you and if it is one that isn’t already in the post we could end up adding it in a readers choice section for this post.

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