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Eight Halloween Costumes For Your Cat


    Halloween is right around the corner. Hopefully you have gotten your costume already and are all ready to celebrate. What you may not have remembered is that you need a costume for other members of your family!

    You need a costume for your cat! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with some awesome costumers for your cat. Check out these eight Halloween adorable and awesome Halloween costumes for your cat that you can buy on Amazon!

    Costume 1: Lion Cat.

    Make your little kitten a lion (or lioness) for the day with this adorable lion on Amazon for only $15.99!

    Costume 2: Cowboy Costume.

    Who doesn’t love the costumes where your pets look like humans? Try this awesome cowboy costume will make your cat looks like a real cowboy and move when they walk. Get a laugh, while only having to cover half of your pet’s body. This awesome product is only $15.99


    Costume 3: Guitar player

    If you are wanting to continue on with the costumer where the pet looks likes humans? Check out this awesome guitar player. The “person” will even sway the guitar back and forth as they walk. If a cowboy costume doesn’t seem right for you, but still want the “human” like feature, you can get this costume for only $16.99

    Costume 4: Wonder cat.

    I mean, doesn’t this costume just speak for itself. If you love Marvel and want to dress your cat in something adorable, get this awesome wonder woman cat costume! For only $13

    Costume 5:  Bat.

    If you are something with a black cat, you can make your cat a bat. How cute would your little black cat look with little bat wings attached to them? It’s simple, yet effective! And you can get this awesome costumer for on Amazon

    Costume 6: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    Want your cat to be as basic as you? Make them into a pumpkin spice latte! They will be current and fashionable with this adorable costume. And the hat on top just is the icing on top (or whip cream on top! LOL).

    Costume 7: Nurse.

    We are going back to the pets dressed at humans. Want to something out of the norm? Check out this adorable costume of a cat dressed up like a nurse! Found on Amazon for $12

    Costume 8: Minion.

    Last but certainly not least, is a minion. You can give your cat this awesome costume. Because is there anything cuter than your pet? Only your pet dressed as the other cutest thing, a minion!

    Tips For Halloween Night

    While these costumes are adorable! You still want to be careful with your pet during Halloween. If they lie to try and escape normally, make sure you lock them in a room during Beggar’s Night. You don’t want to and keep your cat in while giving out candy. It makes it hard on you, the kids, and your cat. Keep them safe and locked away during Beggars Night. And let them show off their costume in the safety of your house, and Instagram!

    Hopefully these costumes are great editions to your Halloween traditions. Save money and energy by getting these awesome costumes on Amazon!