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Harry Potter-Themed Names for Your Pets

    Harry Potter-Themed Names for Your Pets


    Finding names for your pets can be a difficult thing. Inspiration can come from anywhere from movies or TV or even your favorite books. Fans of Harry Potter will hopefully enjoy this post. This post will delve into the world of Harry Potter to find some good names for your pets. Because the books are works of fiction, there are many unique names so much so that I might have to through in a downright strange name section. There are so many different names in the books that we of course will not be able to list them all.

    Hopefully our highlight of the ones we think are best will help you on your naming journey.

    As this is not the first naming post written, check out some other ones if Harry Potter does not make the cut. There is a Friends-themed name post, Marvel and Disney as well as generic names for male and female cats (link all). 

    Main Characters Names:

    As with all names, some are more popular than others and in the case of books, the main characters are usually the prime suspects of popularity. Here is a list of some of the more main characters. With some of the names, wither first or last names might work as names for pets.

    • Harry Potter
    • Ron Weasley
    • Hermione Granger
    • Rubeus Hagrid
    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Draco Malfoy
    • Minerva McGonagall
    • Severus Snape
    • Lord Voldemort

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    Supporting Character Names:

    Here are some of the more notable supporting character names that can be used as names for your pets. I will list some last names but only if they might make a good name for an animal.

    • Ginny 
    • Lucius
    • Gilderoy Lockhart
    • Vernon
    • Petunia
    • Dudley
    • Arthur
    • Molly
    • Sirius
    • Remus Lupin
    • Peter
    • Trelawney
    • Neville
    • Fred
    • George
    • Alastor Moody
    • Cedris
    • Fleur
    • Viktor
    • Rita
    • Barty
    • Dolores
    • Cornelius
    • Luna
    • Rufus
    • Bill
    • Percy
    • Charlie
    • Hugo
    • Lily
    • James
    • Rose
    • Horace
    • Sprout


    Unique Character Names:

    With any book but especially with fiction, you will always get some pretty unique names. This list will contain some of the more peculiar names one might use for their pet.

    • Bartemius
    • Bellatrix
    • Nymphadora (Dora for short or Tonks)
    • Argus
    • Narcissa 
    • Kingsley Shacklebolt
    • Xenophilius
    • Gellert
    • Scorpius
    • Cormac
    • Marvolo
    • Igor
    • Filius
    • Quirrell
    • Firenze
    • Rowena

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    Animal Names in Harry Potter:

    As with almost any book, there is bound to be a few animals within its pages and Harry Potter is no exception. Here is a list of some of the more notable animals in Harry Potter.


    While there are not many pet owls I am aware of these days, any fan of Harry Potter could find a use for the name Harry’s owl as a name for one of their pets.


    This would not a great name for a pet rabbit but why not use it to name a dog or fierce little kitten.


    Classic name that can easily be used for any pet. Bonus points if it is used for the name of an amphibious pet.


    This would be a unique name for a dog given it is the name of Hermione’s cat so if you are looking for a good Harry Potter-themed cat name this is your best bet.


    You don’t see a lot of dragons these days so why not use this name for a tamer pet like a cat or a dog.


    This is a great name for a cat or small dog although fans of the franchise know it’s already a great name for a dog.


    It isn’t the most traditional name but it is more subtle than most. Bring this name back to life by naming a pet after it.

    Here are a few more obscure or less popular animals from the series.

    • Errol
    • Nagini
    • Pigwidgeon (Pig for short)
    • Aragog
    • Arnold

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    A great many of the names above are very unique and are not made for everyone. If you are a Harry Potter fan, these names should give you dome things to go on and spark your memory about other characters you might like.

    Most likely if you go with one of the more obscure or unique character names there is a chance not many people will get the reference. I tried to pick names that were featured in both the book and the movies and that should have covered the major ones. 

    If you are a fan of the books more than the movie, comment below on character names you might like to see added or send us an email about your favorites. 


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