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HolySteed Squeaky Dog Toy Review

    HolySteed Squeaky Dog Toy Review: 

    Dog toys are a staple to have in your home when you get a new puppy, or if you currently have a dog!

    There are so many options when it comes to dog toys, so finding the perfect fit can be a lot of trial and error.

    Luckily, we did a lot of trial and error when finding the perfect toys for a “morkie” (Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier) that is also entertaining for a hound mix.

    The toy is HOLYSTEED Latex Dog Squeaky Toys, which I will just be referring to as ‘squeaky toys’ from now on.

    About The Toy:

    When it comes to toys, the favorite toys to start out with are ones you can play with with your puppy, like fetch!

    Playing fetch with a small dog can be challenging.   All dogs want to play with their owner, but when most balls are too big to fit in their tiny mouth, what is a small dog owner to do? 

    I stumbled across these burger shaped small squeak toys.  Perfect for a smaller dog who can’t fit a ball in his/her mouth.  Even larger dogs enjoy because they are soft and squeak. 

     Easy to fetch and run with.  Our dogs prefer these to small tennis balls or other toys to retrieve.

    Not only do they squeak, but even the small dog can easily put the toy in her mouth the bring it back to us!

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    Entertainment Value: 

    The squeak keeps them hooked.  (I mean what squeaks don’t right?!)

    Our dogs love them so much I have to put them away at night so they don’t play with them an wake us up. 

    Whether they are playing with humans, fighting over the toy with the other dogs, or just squeaking it themselves, it provides endless amounts of entertainment.

    As I mentioned earlier, this is also an excellent toy to use for fetch because it fits into the mouths of dogs of all sizes! And it squeaks to get their attention, if you didn’t get that from the name.


    This toy does not have additional parts they can fall off and they can swallow which makes and a pretty safe toys overall.

    It is made of latex and the squeaker is not easily removed which helps with the safety of the dogs.

    In full transparency, we have not see the inside squeaker as our dogs haven’t completely destroyed them yet.

    However, if you have a dog that likes to rip toys apart, you will want to watch and make sure they don’t accidentally eat part of the latex that they rip apart.

    But that is true for most toys!

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    When it comes to durability, it will really vary on the dog breed and personality. Smaller dogs will have a harder time completely tearing it to shreds which will make it last longer than a typical plush toy. Large dogs, or heavy chewers will still be able to rip it apart if they really try.

    I would consider this more durable than a plush toy, but now as durable as some dog toys that claim to be indestructible. But at the price that it is, it’s a pretty good durability for its price, regardless of the dog!


    This is what sold me on the toy, it is cheap! You can get a 6 pack of these on Amazon for around $10-15, and the price drops a lot!

    That means that the cost per singular squeaky toy is around $3 Even if it only lasts a week, that is 6 days and 20 hours more than most plush toys of the same cost last. These toys can also be a ‘Subscribe and Save’ option on Amazon, so you can get new toys delivered to your house every month to remind your dog of how exciting the squeaky toys are!

    Dog’s Verdict:

    The say our dogs love them, would be an understatement. Obsession would be a closer word choice.

    This is their favorite toy that makes them come RUNNING with just a squeak or two.

    The entertainment aspect of this toy keeps them happy, even when us humans can’t play fetch with them, or if the other puppy is outside.

    The Squeaky Toy is their favorite toys!

    Final Verdict:

    I am not going to lie to you and say this toy is 100% perfect. The squeak can definitely get annoying, especially when trying to concentrate, or sleep.

    However, if you make sure your remove the toy from your puppy when you need to sleep or focus, this will be your new favorite toy that you will want to buy again, and again.

    Even when the squeaker wears out of the dog chews it up, it keeps them entertained and it inexpensive. We had one where the squeak stopped working, our dog still wants to play with it to fetch because it fits so easy in her mouth.

    Small dog owners that struggle with finding the perfect toy to play fetch with your puppy, the Holysteed Squeaky Dog Toy is the solution you have been looking for!

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