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How To Keep Your Cat Happy In An Apartment

    How To Keep Your Cat Happy In An Apartment


    Cats in Apartments

    With many people waiting long and longer to own a house, apartments have had longer residency than normal.

    But just because people are making the smart financial decision to wait until they are ready to own a house doesn’t mean they can’t own a pet.Cats can have a perfectly happy life in apartments. Y

    ou just have to be smart about the cat breed and setting up your apartment properly for your feline friend.

    Every apartment has the opportunity to be cat friendly if you are just creative about it.

    Can A Cat Be Happy In A Small Apartment?

    If you want a happy cat, the biggest thing for you to do as a cat owner is to have everything you need for your kitten. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make sure your cat is happy in a small space.

    If you have cat toys, litter boxes, scratching posts, and possibly a cat tree; you are setting yourself up for a content cat.

    (Check out that alliteration).

    Living with cats in a small space doesn’t mean that your pet can’t have everything they need. It just means that you need to be more creative about how your use your space.

    As someone who lived alone  in an apartment with a cat, just because your cat is happy doesn’t mean it has to be a “cat apartment” or an apartment all about cats.

    I usually just recommend using the square footage you have to keep your cat happy while adding your own style.

    Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat In An Apartment?

    Want to know the biggest cat hack?

    Here is how you keep your cat happy in small spaces. Love them and give them attention.


    Yes, if your cat has everything they need listed above and you give them love and attention, they will be happy.

    Obviously, you cannot forget food and water for you little feline friend.

    Cat’s don’t care if you are living in a mansion or studio apartment. And really, they don’t need that much exercise to live happy lives. They just need enough space to be comfortable and have different spots to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and play.

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    Cat Breeds in An Apartment

    Unfortunately, I don’t always recommend all cats to be in apartments.

    Depending on the types of cat, they could end up destroying your apartment. For example, Bengal Cats are high energy.

    This means that a bengal cat in a studio apartment could have them running around in circles in your living room and jumping on your furniture.

    Most other cat breeds are completely fine to live in a small place because some of them love to sleep.

    Our cat Phoebe still picks the same one or two rooms in our house to sleep in. She had everything she needed in an apartment, and the house only extended the places for her to sleep.

    If you do have a cat that tends to be more hyper, that doesn’t mean that you either need to give up your cat or move to a house.

    What it really means is that you need to train your cat to use their energy without destroying your house.

    Cat Ideas For Apartments

    Let’s take a deep dive in ways to “style” your house with cat accessories in small spaces.

    I plan on doing an entire long post about this but I don’t want to touch base on this topic.

    Pet owners!

    You do not have to live in an unstylish area just because you own a cat.

    The biggest thing is the cat’s litter box. You want to find a nice spot to “hide” the litter box.

    In some of my apartments, I liked to put the litter boxes in closets with the door open. This allowed my cat to have privacy, and not everyone is going to see the litter box as they come in.

    You also can do scratching posts hidden across the house.

    One thing I did recently was actually turn an old ottoman into a scratch post. It is so simple to make it yourself, yet another post to follow.

    But when you do that, you can have a stylish piece of furniture that can be used in multiple ways.

    Do Cats Get Bored In Small Apartments?

    An indoor cat can lead a very happy life.

    It doesn’t have to be in a giant house or multiple stories in order to live their best lives. They can be very happy in small spaces if they have everything they need.

    If you are worried about getting a cat soley because you don’t think your apartment is big enough for them, don’t stress.

    You need to read my article, Why You Should Not Get a Cat.

    If you are worried about keeping them happy in a small space, chances are you don’t fit any of the criteria listed in the post. You actually would probably make an excellent cat owner as you care so much about their health and happiness that you are looking up ways to make them happy regardless of where they live,

    Seems pretty awesome if you ask me.

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    1. I have an 7yr old cat. From the day I brought her home, she immediately looked for the litter box. Then she looked for her food and water. I live in a one bedroom apartment. I have never let her outside. She is very content here. I don’t have a lot of space, but she has enough room to run when she feels like it. I just adore my baby girl.

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