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Karaseno Cat Training Tape Review

    Karaseno Cat Training Tape Review


    Does your cat scratch things like furniture or the carpet? Do you have scratching posts but they still scratch the furniture? You are not alone if this is the case. There is a simple yet effective product our there called Karaseno Cat Training Tape .

    This review will cover its effectiveness, price, ease of use and other things you might want to know about the cat scratch deterrent tape.

    Description & Application:

    Karaseno Cat Training Tape is a clear, double-sided tape that can be placed on any surface a cat likes to scratch that you do not want them to scratch. It is best used on vertical surfaces as cats like those best and you don’t step on it or place something on the double-sided tape accidentally. We only have used it on furniture as that is what our cats scratch that we don’t want them to scratch.

    Because it is clear it blends pretty well with whatever you place it on. I won’t say it is invisible, but it is pretty inconspicuous for a cat scratching deterrent. The wider the tape, the better especially for corners of the couch. 

    Karaseno Cat Training Tape is a bit of a misnomer as it is not technically used for cat training, at least not by us.

    I guess it could be used as a way of training the cats not to scratch things. However, that is not how we have been using it. We use it as a deterrent or preventative measure to stop or prevent the cats from scratching our furniture.

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    How Can You Use The Tape

    I say it could possibly be used to train a cat not to scratch the furniture. But any time we have stopped using it, our cats have immediately begun scratching the furniture again. You do have to reapply it after a while. And that just depends on how many times your cat has tried to scratch over it or how often they rub against it. This is very sticky double-sided tape and things can and will stick to it and it will lose its stickiness over time.

    The reason this tape works so well at preventing cats from scratching is the stickiness of the tape. Cat’s do not like things sticking to their paws and if they feel that when they are scratching they will stop.

    That is why this tape is so effective in my opinion.

    Ease of Use:

    Karaseno Cat Training Tape is very easy to use if a bit tedious to place on whatever surface you choose. The reason I like to choose a wider tape is to cover more of the couch surface with strip of tape. 3” tape seems to be a very good width allowing just two strips for each corner (one on each side).

    It is very easy to measure, cut and place the tape on the couch. But the tedious part comes with getting the cover off the other side. Long nails help with this. But my best advice is to press the tape down hard and hold it there on the couch. Wherever you start to peel it off and then pick at the corner as the cover will want to come off the tape but the tape will not want to come off the couch.

    It is also a bit tedious doing multiple corners on a couch or multiple pieces of furniture but once it is done, you shouldn’t have to do anything for several months. 

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    This tape is priced well in my opinion. It is tough for me to put a price on preventing our furniture from getting ruined by cat scratches. But this is well worth the money to do that. For what it is priced at, you get 30 yards of tape, which is a good deal.

    This covers us for at least 6 months if not longer. And we have 4 cats trying to scratch anything they can.

    Final Verdict:

    If you have a problem with your cats scratching the furniture or other things you don’t want them to scratch. I would definitely recommend this tape if you have not already tried something similar. It does a great job of preventing your cats from scratching and it is easy to put on most furniture.

    The price of this is very reasonable and the tape lasts so long for most people that it won’t even once you get around to buying another roll.

    I highly recommend the Karaseno Cat Training Tape for deterring cats scratching furniture. Try it now if you don’t believe me.

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